Accommodation requests for reduced course load with full-time status must be initiated prior to the official start date of the semester as listed on the schedules and college Web pages. As with all accommodation requests, three weeks advance notice is strongly encouraged. Students need to be aware that some funding sources have specific hours listed to be considered eligible for some/all benefits. Having reduced course load with full-time status could impact eligibility and/or reduction of financial aid, scholarship funding, child support, etc. It is the student’s responsibility to fully investigate the potential consequences.

Students must have an open file with Disability Support Services (DSS) and follow documentation guidelines. The DSS manager will evaluate the information and interview the student. If determined to be reasonable, the Request for Reduced Course Load/Full-Time Status Form will be completed. A specific number of hours will be listed for the approved semester. If the student drops below the minimum hours approved, the student will lose full-time status. This form will be forwarded to the vice president for academic and student affairs for review who will notify DSS and the student of the final decision. The Office for Academic and Student Affairs is responsible for notifying all campus offices impacted by this decision. With final approval, this designation provides the student access to all the rights and privileges of any full time student with certain exceptions previously mentioned. The approved status will only be in effect for one semester at a time. As with all accommodation requests, students must follow the accommodations request procedure.

If the request is denied, the student may appeal the manager's/vice president’s decisions via the standard Grievance Procedure.

Contact Info

Paige George

For appointments:
636-922-8627 or 636-922-8581

Send required documentation to:

Disability Support Services
Student Center, 133C
4601 Mid Rivers Mall Dr.
Cottleville, MO 63376