Course Substitution/Waiver

Reasonable academic modification of requirements may be necessary to avoid discrimination based on disabilities. SCC will make reasonable modifications to its academic requirements, if necessary, to comply with legal requirements, ensuring that such requirements do not discriminate or have the effect of discriminating on the basis of a student’s known and adequately documented disability. The college is not obligated to grant a substitution/waiver when the institution can determine and demonstrate that the course is essential to the program(s)/degree(s) that student is pursuing, related to licensing requirements or would fundamentally alter the nature of the services, programs or activities.

Academic Departments determine whether a course is fundamental to the program/degree. If approved, the student must re-submit the course substitution/waiver request if they change their degree program. The substitution/waiver does not automatically apply to courses requiring the substituted/waived course as a pre-requisite. In this particular instance, the student needs to secure permission from the department in which the substituted/waived course resides and the program department chair or Associate V. P. of Academic Affairs.

To request a substitution/waiver based on disability, a file must be open with Disability Support Services (DSS) (see requesting services) and have an accommodations plan. The student needs to complete the Petition for Academic Program Exceptions/Waivers form (located in Enrollment Services) and schedule an appointment with DSS. If the request is supported by documentation, DSS will provide details of the disability impact as available and forward (per student's written permission) this information to be reviewed along with any other supporting documentation provided by the student.

The decision process is as follows:

  • Made by individuals who are knowledgeable in the subject area
  • Careful review of the academic program
  • Review request and any documentation/information provided
  • Consider course requirements, skills, etc., which are essential to the program
  • Determine if the request lowers academic standards, fundamentally alters the nature of the program or imposes an undue burden
  • If request is denied, consideration if other options would be acceptable

The final decision will be relayed to the student by email (copies to DSS and Enrollment Services). It should include:

  • For denials: explain why the request would be a fundamental alteration of the program/degree
  • For approval: list the specific program/degree for which the substitution/waiver is granted
  • For substitution: list specific courses and numbers (SCC or other institution if applicable) that is/are acceptable substitutes

The student should be aware of the possibility that a transfer institution may not accept a course substitution/waiver.

Contact Info

Paige George

For appointments:
636-922-8627 or 636-922-8581

Send required documentation to:

Disability Support Services
Student Center, 133C
4601 Mid Rivers Mall Dr.
Cottleville, MO 63376