Study Tips for Telecourse, Teleweb and Online Courses

There is no one "correct" way to study. Students are individuals, and what works best for you may be ineffective for someone else. However, the following general tips may prove useful.

  1. Purchase your textbooks and study guides. If you are in a telecourse or teleweb course, check out the videotapes/CDs from the campus library.
  2. Create your own learning space that is quiet and away from distractions.
  3. Set up and stick to a study schedule. Without reminders from other students and a classroom instructor, it is easy to fall behind. Procrastination may put you too far behind to successfully complete the course.
  4. Check your class Web site often for e-mails, discussion topics, and instructor's memos.
  5. Read your textbook and other assigned reading. Watch the video material if required. Don't substitute one for the other or assume class notes on the Web are enough. Test questions will be taken from all sources.
  6. Actively access online resources.
  7. Note all due dates; complete assignments on time.
  8. Initiate discussions. Learn and follow guidelines for e-mail etiquette see
  9. E-mail your instructor with any questions well in advance of due dates. Remember your instructor may not respond immediately. A reasonable time period to wait is 24-48 hours.
  10. If you still have questions, ask other students in the class, contact the ACE Center, or consult the support Web sites.
  11. Type all assignments on a word processor and import them into WebCT or attach them to an e-mail.
  12. Submit assignments at least 4-5 hours before they are due to compensate for Internet processing time or down time.
  13. Review the results of quizzes. Learn from your mistakes.
  14. Enjoy earning college credit from home!

    For more information, contact the ACE Center at 636-922-8444 or send an e-mail to: