Distance Learning Practices


Students are encouraged to visit the Distance Learning website www.stchas.edu/distance to obtain information about orientations and meeting times. In lieu of a postal mailing, the Administrative Secretary in the Distance Learning Office sends an electronic message (e-mail) to distance learning students one week prior to the first day of classes to alert them about the need to visit the website. This helps with communications to late enrolling students. The e-mail reminds students to 1) check the distance learning website to see if they have any on-campus meetings and 2) to read the critical information letter www.stchas.edu/dlcritical. Flyers are sent to Registration, Counseling and the Information Desk directing students to visit the Distance Learning website. The website address is published in the Schedule of Classes each semester. The Administrative Secretary adds the Distance Learning website to each distance course listing that is included in SCC Connection.

Last Date of Attendance

Faculty members who teach distance courses are required to document the Last Date of Attendance (LDA) when they award a failing grade to a student or LDA of any student who has dropped. It is up to the faculty member to determine that date based on last documented activity in Moodle, the Learning Management System (LMS) or date of last attempted learning activity (assignment, midterm or final exam). The Office of Financial Assistance is required to record the date; therefore, faculty must submit this date at the time of grades.

Learning Management System

Moodle, the LMS courses will be available to students by the start of the semester.

Meeting Times

Faculty members who schedule a mandatory face-to-face orientation, midterm and final examinations on campus during the business day prior to 6 p.m. should also schedule an additional time for 6 p.m. or after Monday-Friday, or 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday.

Online Orientations

Faculty members may chose to conduct online orientations in the Moodle course. Each faculty member is responsible for identifying expectations for completion of the online orientation and deadlines associated with the orientation. Faculty should include this information along with other expectations in their course syllabi and orientation letters posted on the SCC Distance Learning Web page. Moodle courses will be available to students by the start of the semester. Enrollment information is not available for Moodle until one day after enrollment. Faculty members are responsible for releasing their Moodle course to students.


Faculty members must allow for an alternate orientation if students miss an orientation scheduled prior to the first day of class for the term.

Registration, Last Date for Distance Learning Courses

Registration is closed for distance learning courses by the first day of class for each term. After this time, enrollment is only waived with faculty permission.


Faculty members are encouraged to post a copy of their syllabus in a Moodle course for students. In addition, they are to provide the respective dean and department chair a paper copy of the syllabus for each class.

Verification of Student Identity

Moodle (LMS) provides an academic experience for distance learning students. Access to Moodle requires a secure login and password. The authentication process uses a secure Web page using SSL cryptography. Students registered in distance learning courses either take proctored exams or must log into Moodle to take exams. Student identity is verified for proctored and on-site exams. A student who forgets their Moodle password must present photo identification to reset their password to the Help Desk staff.