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You may be enrolled in an online course that requires online proctoring. That means one of two scenarios, both of which require a webcam.

Scenario 1) Involves a live person who will authenticate your identity (make sure you are the correct student enrolled in the course), provide you with the exam instructions, request control of your keyboard to enter the exam password, and then you will begin your exam while you and your computer screen are being recorded. This is in place of your professor being able to monitor you as you take an exam in person in a classroom.

Scenario 2) You will use a specific browser to take your exam which will not allow you to open any other websites, programs, print, or screen capture during your exam. This would be in conjunction with using a webcam which will, again, record you and your computer screen as you complete your exam. There is no live person to guide you through the steps in this scenario, but your professor may still ask you to show your student ID or driver's license and use your webcam to scan your environment before beginning your exam. Again, this is in place of being in a classroom where your professor can monitor you in person while you take your exam.

What we use at SCC

Examity: Examity is used for Scenario 1 where you work with a live person who verifies your identity, goes over the instructions, and allows you access to your exam.

Respondus LockDown Browser/Monitor: Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor are used for Scenario 2 where you will need to download the Respondus Lockdown Browser to your computer to use for your exams, along with Respondus Monitor, but there will not be a live person to guide you through the process.
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