From modes of communication, past and present, to actual participation in mass media corporations, speech, communication and journalism classes offer students a rare chance to learn about what makes society tick.

Mass communication classes enlighten those who strive to enter the fields of communications, journalism, broadcasting, film, advertising, commercial art, public relations, telecommunications, corporate communication and photojournalism.

Along with ideas and concepts of the "art" of speaking well, basic essential skills are attained in classes like Public Speaking, Interviewing and Persuasion.

Do you desire to improve your "people skills?" Interpersonal Communication and Small Group Communication will explore avenues for enhancing your relationships with others.

Are you looking to verbally communicate more effectively, starting out a career in acting or singing? Voice and Diction will benefit all majors from Business to Music to Theatre!

Come be a part of the success that Communications makes possible!

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Stefanie Clynes

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