Computer Science – Programming

Computer programmers write the detailed instructions (programs and software) that list in a logical order the steps the computer must follow to organize data to solve a problem. Programmers determine how to capture and enter information needed and summarize computer results in reports and displays.

What You Will Learn:

  • Program specifications review
  • Program components identification
  • Translation of solution algorithms into a programming language
  • How to find and remove syntax and logic errors
  • Production of program documentation
  • How to identify program enhancements as business needs change
  • Structured program design
  • Procedural and object-oriented languages
  • Program development tools

Transferring Credits to a Four-Year Program?

The four-year program of your choice always has the final say. SCC students find, however, that general education credits transfer quite successfully. The courses specific to this SCC degree/certificate are most often completely transferable as well, although some transfer as electives.

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Rex McKanry

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Ginny Tiller

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