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NOTE: Students who are judged to have native proficiency in any language offered by the Foreign Language and Global Studies Program at SCC may not enroll nor be given credit for foreign language courses in their native language.

Retroactive credit is available to students who enroll for the first time in a foreign language course and who have already studied the target language before attending SCC. SCC will not grant credit for course work in which a student has already earned credit through another source, such as advanced placement, testing, or transfer. Only students who complete language courses 102, 201, or 202 with a grade of 75 percent or better may receive retroactive credit for foreign language courses 101 or 102. Since native speakers may not enroll nor be given credit for foreign language courses in their native language, they are not eligible to receive retroactive credit for these courses. Retroactive credit is available only to students who are eligible to enroll in the courses that they are bypassing. If you are planning to transfer, be advised that some colleges and universities do not accept retroactive credit. For more information, contact the Arts & Humanities office in the Humanities Building, Room 203.

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