Political Science

What Is a Political Scientist?

Political scientists examine "who gets what, when and how" in the United States and the world. They study the organization, characteristics and interactions of governments and politics. In plain English, we study how governments behave and why. If you've ever wondered why the tax code is so complex, why we have a two-party system, or what should be the United States' role in the world, then you should consider taking classes in political science.

What Kind of Career Would I Have in This Field?

A degree in political science is quite versatile. A degree in political science is an excellent way to prepare for law school. Majors often find rewarding careers in public relations, legal services, federal, state, and local agencies, public administration, communications, politics, and business. Many political science graduates work for the U.S. State Department, the military and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Furthermore, the critical thinking skills and knowledge of government and economic issues developed in the process of studying political science prepare the graduate for a wide variety of private sector opportunities as well. Companies are eager to hire people with expertise in government. Whether local or multinational, companies need to understand the complexities of government regulations and how they affect their business. They need quality spokespersons and lobbyists to communicate their concerns and ideas to the government and the public.

A graduate with a bachelor's degree in this field often works for interest groups, labor unions, the media or polling organizations. Some jobs with business, civic associations or research organizations require work in Washington, D.C., state capitals or overseas.

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