Suzuki Music Instruction

Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano Lessons

Metropolitan Suzuki Strings

A sixteen-week program offered in 1/2 hour, 45-minute or 1-hour sessions. Including a group session every other week.

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Suzuki Strings Method

Suzuki is a distinct method of string instruction for children ages three years old and older where they learn by listening, imitating and watching others.

Music education that follows the Suzuki method is unique because:  

Suzuki educators believe every child can learn to play music. Their talent and ability is a product of a healthy environment. Every child can learn music in the same way that they learn to speak their native language, by imitating the others in their life that influence them.

Parents are the most influential people in their child’s life, making parental support key in music education. A parent’s healthy involvement nurtures the talent and ability in every child. Parents are required to attend lessons with their children and are essentially trained how to be their child’s daily teacher at home practice sessions. 

SCC – Metropolitan Suzuki Strings 

Offers violin, viola, cello and piano lessons in an authentic Suzuki setting. Instructors Emily Bowers, Morgan Sharketti, Patricia Gitto, James Huitt and Chadwick Eulentrop are trained and experienced teachers offering the best in a Suzuki educational experience for your entire family. 

Suzuki Strings Instructors