Homeschool Enrichment

 Homeschool Enrichment class with instructor   Homeschool Enrichment class with instructor
Homeschool Enrichment instructor, Jack Bilow, with students during
"Electricity: The Mysterious Force"

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The Homeschool initiative gives students the classes needed to supplement homeschooling efforts, especially those where specialized equipment or knowledge is required or where group efforts are integral to the learning process. We value student input and welcome parents to partner with us to build a program that will meet a student's needs.

See our e-schedule online now. Call our office for a printed schedule or to register with us 636-922-8233.

Homeschool Enrichment Program includes:

  • Multi-class discount – 10% with the exception of private music lessons and classes including a field trip.
  • Classes taught weekdays by professionals in their field and certified teachers.
  • Classes categorized by age
  • Class size limited to 15.
  • Certificates will be issued upon class completion.

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For all inquiries regarding Homeschool Enrichment or if you are part of a co-op who would like more information, contact Amy Fitzwilliam or call 636-922-8233.


Suzuki Violin

This method is based on the concept that children can be taught to play an instrument in much the same way they learn to speak. Enrollment is limited. These classes are available for all ages and are also offered for traditional violin and viola. 30, 45 and 60 minute private lessons plus weekly group sessions are available.

See more about SCC's Suzuki Music program.

Register online or call 636-922-8233.

Robotronix Lego Team

LEGO League Team

Congratulations to the SCC Homeschool  Lego Team, Robotronix sponsored by First Lego USA and River City Robots, led by Jack Bilow on their November 2011 competition success!  Robotronix placed 1st place for presentation and 3rd place in the overall competition.

SCC is now forming a new Lego League Team that will be start  in early fall 2012 . This team will be an after school team and  will be  open to all children ages 10-14.

Getting involved in one of our Lego Robotic Camps this spring and summer is a great way to meet the coach of our Lego League and learn more about Lego Robotic Engineering  and the Lego League team.

LEGO Robotics classes for ages 8-14 include beginner, intermediate and advanced.