Slice of pizza and orange drink

Kids Camp Menu 2015

$6 (includes tax)

Choice of:

  • 2 Mini Burger Sliders
  • 3 Chicken Tenders
  • Small Chef Salad
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Pizza (cheese or pepperoni)

Each meal includes a choice of small fries or fruit cup and a choice of bottled water or a Capri Sun drink.  

Fridays only – Build your own ice cream sundae (nut free) – $1

Additional snacks, beverages or meals (other than what is listed here) are an additional cost.

Students are not required to buy a meal in the cafeteria. They may pack their own lunch. Students are welcome to bring snacks and drinks from home to be enjoyed during break times. Lunch will be held in the college cafeteria. We have made arrangements for camp “specials” listed above. Our staff will email the menu prior to each camp. If your child is enrolled in before and/or after care, bring an additional snack or extra money to purchase a snack if desired.

Please note: Vending machines will NOT be available for campers.