Introduction to Oil Painting

Instructor: Ron Hauser

Oil Paint

Start with a few essential colors, get to know each well, and you'll learn about color mixing more quickly.

Suggested colors:

  • Cadmium red – (medium) standard size tube
  • Indian red – standard size tube
  • Cadmium yellow – (medium) standard size tube
  • Alizarin crimson – standard size tube
  • Hansa yellow (also called lemon yellow) – standard size tube
  • Phthalo blue – standard size tube
  • Ultramarine blue – standard size tube
  • Viridian green – standard size tube
  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson – standard size tube
  • Burnt Sienna – standard size tube
  • Raw Sienna – standard size tube
  • Burnt umber – standard size tube
  • Raw umber – standard size tube
  • Titanium white – (large tube) you will use more white for mixing

Winsor and Newton Oil Paints are both good brands

Brushes – Synthetic multi-purpose for oil/acrylic

  • #1 small liner brush for details 
  • #6 Flat
  • A package of different angle Brushes
  • Hog Bristle brushes
  • #8 Flat Hog Bristle brush

Other Supplies

  • Gamblin Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits Thinner only (no substitutions please)
  • Turponiod (no brush conditioner just thinner)
  • Palette Knife (medium size)
  • (1) Disposable Paper Palette (the biggest you can find)
  • (3-4) Canvas Boards (no smaller than 16x20, but can be bigger). Canvas (pre-stretched 18x24 size is recommended). Stretched canvas is fine, but more expensive. 
  • Glass Jar for thinner storage
  • Rags / Paper Towels
  • One Photo that you would like to paint copied to an 8”X10” color, 2 copies and have them laminated at Office Max One on each side (mounted back-to-back). We will grid one side and you will use the other side to match oil paint colors.  

If you already have supplies or would like to purchase more than indicated, please feel free to do so.

Instructor will tell you about other suggested supplies in class.