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 Lina Takacs, foreign language instructor - See video of Lina

Continuing Education offers a variety of language instruction. Each course is 10-sessions and meets one day per week.

Personal, professional, social and economic considerations all point to the advantages of learning foreign languages ...

  • Increases job opportunities
  • Gives insight to other cultures and allows you to appreciate people from other countries
  • You will have the opportunity to converse and meet people you may never have had the chance to know
  • Improves your mental skills
  • Enhances your travel experiences

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Introduction to Arabic
Basic concepts in speaking, writing and reading.  An easy way to start discovering unfamiliar characters - be able to write them (right to left), to read them (right to left) and pronounce them.  Enjoy new sounds and be ready to greet someone in Arabic and start a simple friendly conversation about daily activities.  Learn cultural facts, gastronomy, arts and more about the many faraway countries where Arabic is spoken.  Enjoy a fun and challenging experience taught by a native speaker.

Introduction to Chinese
Chinese is spoken by approximately one-fifth of the world's population! Discover the varieties of spoken and written Chinese as well as the culture of one of the world's oldest civilizations. Learn about Chinese characters and how to say, read, and write key words and phrases used in daily social and family life.

Beginning French
Ideal for the professional traveler, this introduction to the French language will study the culture, geography and daily life through simple vocabulary and grammar-learning exercises.

French II
This is a continuation of French I. It expands reading, vocabulary and grammar skills. Prerequisite: Beginning French.

Italian for All, Level I
Introduction to the Italian language, geography, culture, daily life and more.  Ideal for travelers, professionals, art lovers or others interested in their Italian roots.

Italian for All, Level II
This continuation of Italian I expands reading, vocabulary and grammar skills.

Portuguese for All
Portuguese is the most spoken language in South America, not Spanish.  It is the official language in many countries including the European Union. Its use is expected to grow dramatically in the next two decades.  Interested beginners will learn the basics of the Portuguese language including vocabulary, basic grammar, introductions, greetings and daily conversations. A pleasant approach to a language that will surprise you!

Spanish I
Introduction to the Spanish language for beginners with little or no knowledge of Spanish.  A pleasant approach through basic reading skills, short everyday life dialogues, simple vocabulary building and grammar-learning exercises.

Spanish II
This continuation of Spanish I expands reading, vocabulary and grammar skills. Prerequisite: Spanish I.

Spanish III
For the advanced Spanish student, course further expands reading, vocabulary and grammar skills.  Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

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