High School Equivalency (HSE) – HiSET Preparation and Testing

What is the Purpose of High School Equivalency (HSE) Classes?

Classes provide preparation for the HiSET test, as well as basic instruction in reading, writing and math. The following methods of instruction are provided:

  • Individual diagnostic evaluation of skills
  • Classroom lessons
  • One-on-one tutoring assistance
  • Computer-aided instruction
  • Skill-building exercises
  • HiSET Official Practice Tests
  • HSE online instruction

Who is Eligible to Attend Class?

Students who are 17 years of age or older may attend classes. Students who are 16 years old must provide two documents:

  1. A letter from the school that includes the date the student dropped out.
  2. A transcript or other official verification from the school that the student has successfully completed 16 credits of high school work.

Sixteen-year-olds who are homeschooled must meet the requirements of 167.031 RSMo for course instruction and have written permission of the parent or legal guardian indicating compliance.

HSE Preparation

On-Site Classes

Enrollment for HSE classes is scheduled monthly. Students must attend two enrollment sessions for orientation and an initial assessment test to determine HiSET readiness. This assessment provides information for an individual learning plan. Students work at their own pace. Students must commit themselves to attend two full class meetings per week. For a schedule of all class locations and enrollment dates, go to HSE Class schedule.

MOLearns Online Classes

To prepare for the HiSET online, log on to http://www.molearns.com.

Students working online are required to complete an initial skills assessment in a physical HSE preparation classroom. Following this assessment, students work online. They must return to the physical classroom for post-testing when appropriate. The HiSET test is not available online. However, the test can be taken on computer in the SCC Assessment Center.

HiSET Testing

The GED® test expired Dec. 31, 2013.  GED® scores do not transfer to the new HiSET exam. 

To register for the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET), go to www.hiset.ets.org. The HiSET is a computer-based test.  Registration is online, but the test must be taken on a computer at a certified testing center. The HiSET test is administered every business day in the St. Charles Community College Assessment Center. Registration and testing for the full battery of 5 subject area tests is $95. http://hiset.ets.org/requirements/mo Once your registration fee is paid, you have 12 months to complete all 5 tests. Within that 12-month period, test retakes are available for a small fee.  Test results appear in your account on the HiSET website within 3-10 business days. Students have the option to register and pay for each test separately, but the fees will be higher. Please see website for more information. http://hiset.ets.org/take/fees/

Free Practice Tests

The HiSET website provides a free practice test for each of the 5 subject area tests. To take advantage of this free resource, visit http://hiset.ets.org/prepare/overview

Testing Tips

Student Recognition Ceremony

Outstanding students are recognized at an annual Student Recognition Ceremony. For more information, call St. Charles Community College at 636-922-8411.

HSE Scholarships

HiSET recipients who score at least 68 on the HiSET Test and attend at least 12 hours of St. Charles Community College-sponsored HSE preparation classes (HSE Class Schedule) are eligible to apply for a $500 scholarship to St. Charles Community College. For more scholarship information, go to www.stchas.edu/scholarships or call 636-922-8270.

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