Supply Chain and Logistics A.A.S

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Supply Chain and Logistics A.A.S

Department: General Technology

Total Credit Hours: 60-62

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Supply Chain and Logistics A.A.S (PDF)


Approved Courses

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Subject Course Title Credits
General Education Requirements (24-26 credits)
Mathematics MAT 105 or higher Applied Math or higher 3-4
Communication ENG 101 or English Composition I 9
ENG 115 or Technical Writing 
ENG 125 or Business Writing 
COM 101 or Oral Communication 
COM 106 or Public Speaking
COM 110 Interpersonal Communications
Social Science HIS 101 or U.S. History to 1877  3
HIS 102 or U.S. History Since 1877 
HIS 115 or U.S. History Since 1945 
HIS 204 or Non-Western Civilization to 1500
HIS 205 or Non-Western Civilization Since 1500
HIS 270 or History of Missouri 
POL 101 or American Government 
POL 102 or State & Local Government 
Natural Science Any BIO or Any BIOLOGY Course  3-4
Any CHM or Any CHEMISTRY Course 
Humanities Any ART or Any ART Course 3
BUS 105 or Business Ethics
CPT 105 or Ethics in Technology
COM 123 or Introduction to Cinema
COM 124 or History of Film
Any LIT or Any LITERATURE Course
Any MUS or Any MUSIC Course
Any PHL or Any PHILOSOPHY Course
Any THE or Any THEATRE Course
Any Foreign Language Any FOREIGN LANGUAGE
Elective CPT 115 or Intro to Data Processing 3
GEO 120 Introduction to GIS
Core Course Requirements (30 credits)
MFG 101 Principles of Safety 3
MFG 111 Principles of Quality Practices 3
LGM 101 Supply Chain and Logistics I 3
LGM 210 Supply Chain and Logistics II 3
LGM 105 Intro to Supply Chain Operational Management 3
LGM 205 Global Trade and Culture 3
LGM 210 Introduction to Data Analytics 3
MFG225 Supervisory Skills 3
MFG 215 Problem Solving 3
BUS 204 or Total Quality Operations Management  3
BUS 208 or Entrepreneurship/ Small Bus Mgmt 
BUS 210 Organizational Behavior
Electives (6 credits)
Pick two: ETC 101 or Fundamentals of Electronics 6
MFG 141 or Principles of Green Production
CMD 103 or CAD Systems I
CMD 104 or CAD Systems II
Total Required Hours: 60-62 credits

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