Studio Art A.F.A. Transfer Program

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Studio Art A.F.A. Transfer Program

Department: Graphic Design

Total Credit Hours: 61 credits

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Studio Art A.F.A. Transfer Program (PDF)


Approved Courses

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Subject Course Title Credits
General Education Requirements (26 credits)
Communication ENG 101 English Composition I 3
Any COM MOTR course (minus 200-level) 3
Mathematics MAT 155 Contemporary College Math (or higher) 3
Social Science HIS 101 or U.S. History to 1877  3
HIS 102 or U.S. History Since 1877 
HIS 103, or African-American History to 1877
HIS 104, or African-American History Since 1877
POL 101 or American Government 
Natural Science Any CORE 42 BIO, CHM, or PHY 3
Humanities ART 1200 2D Design 3
ART 1500 Suvery of Western Art History I 3
ART 1505 Survey of Western Art History II 3
COL 101 College Success Seminar 1
Core Course Requirements (18 credits)
ART 1105* Digital Art Studio 3
ART 1205 Color Theory 3
ART 1300 3-D Design 3
ART 1400 Drawing I 3
ART 1405 Drawing II 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
Studio Art Electives (18 credits)
5 additional studio art courses reflecting a breadth of studio experiences. Studio Art Option majors must take at least one art elective from each of the three groups of art electives as follows:
Group 1 ART 2300 or ART 2310 or
ART 2400 or ART 2900
Drawing III, or Figure Drawing I, or Painting I or Illustration I 3
Group 2 ART 2500 or ART 2550 or
ART 2600
Ceramics I, or Jewelry I, or Sculpture I 3
Group 3 ART 2700 or ART 2750 or
ART 2800 or ART 2810
Intro to Printinmaking, or Fibers or B&W Photography I or Digital Photography I 3
2 additional Art Electives The additional 2 art electives can be from whichever area the student has the most interest, or another area they have not yet tried including Graphic Design courses. 6
ART 2999**** Sophomore Studio Art Seminar 3
Graphic Design Electives - (18 credits)
"*Electives - Choose 5 courses from the following:" ART 2100 History of Graphic Design 15
ART 2110 Visualization & Layout
ART 2120 Typography
ART 2130 Digital Imaging & Illustration
ART 2140 Wed Design
ART 2810 Digital Photo I
ART 2160 Animation & Motion Graphics
ART 2170 Video Production
Capstone ART 2199 Portfolio Design & Professional Practices 3

Total Required Hours: 62 credits

* Graphic Design studens may also choose Studio Art courses but should consult with the Graphic Design Chair for advising.

** ART 1105 also fulfills the SCC computer literacy requirement.

What Is Studio Art A.F.A.?

The Associate of Fine Arts degree is a professional transfer degree for students planning to pursue a bachelor's degree with a concentration in studio art at either a four-year college, university or art school. The degree provides experience in selected areas to prepare students for a career in a creative arts profession.

Occupational Outlook

Employment of fine artists is projected to grow 2 percent from 2014 to 2024Employment growth of artists depends in large part on the overall state of the economy, because people usually make art purchases when they can afford to spend the money.

Salary Outlook

People established in their career generally earn between $32,230 and $72,260 per year. Exceptional performers can earn in excess of $103,680.
Source: U.S. Department of Labor

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, earnings increase significantly as a worker’s degree of education rises.

Studio Art Careers

Depending on job experience and additional education, graduates with a Studio Art A.F.A. Transfer Program degree are employed in a broad range of careers including, but not limited to: painters, sculptors and illustrators. 

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