Secondary Education Transfer Program A.A.T.

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Secondary Education Transfer Program A.A.T.

Department: Education

Total Credit Hours: 64 credits

The Missouri public 4-year institutions of higher education, and some private 4-year institutions, have agreed to accept the AAT as equivalent to their first two years of teacher education. Thus, a student who completes an AAT at SCC should have no more credit hours to complete during the last two years than a native 4-year student at that institution. Because course content is organized in different configurations at different institutions, you may repeat some content areas, but not credit hours. Students who do not complete the AAT will transfer course by course; individual institutions have agreed to transfer specific courses but have not guaranteed that students will have no more credits to complete than their native students. Check with your transfer institution to see if you will need to have a certain score on the ACT test for admittance to their institution.

The most current listing of institutions that will accept the AAT is available at Students need to work closely with their transfer institution to ensure that courses taken at SCC will meet degree requirements and that all entrance requirements have been met for the transfer school.

Required Courses

Subject Course Title Credits
General Education Requirements (42 credits)
Mathematics* MAT 156 or
MAT 162
College Algebra - Educators
College Algebra - STEM
Communication ENG 101
ENG 102
SPE 101 or
SPE 102
English Composition I
English Composition II
Oral Communications
Public Speaking
Social Science PSY 101
HIS 102 or
HIS 146
POL 101 or
POL 102
Introduction to Psychology
US History Since 1877**
Western Civilization: Modern Europe
American Government**
State and Local Government
Natural Science Choose one option:
BIO 105 and
CHM 115 and
PHY 111

BIO 105/106 and
CHM 101/103 and
PHY 111/113
Choose one option:
Essentials of Biology
General Chemistry I
Introduction to Physical Science

Essentials of Biology with Lab
Introduction to Chemistry with Lab
Introduction to Physical Science with Lab
Humanities LIT 271 and
LIT 210 or
LIT 220
Literature and Contemporary Cultures
American Literature from 1620-1865
American Literature from 1865-Present
Multicultural GEO 100 or
ANT 102
Principles of Geography or
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Core Course Requirements (13 credits) - All EDU courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher and cumulative GPA of 3.00
EDU 211 Foundations of Education 3
EDU 220 Technology for Teachers 3
EDU 240 Education Psychology 3
EDU 285 Teaching Profession with Field Experience 3
EDU 290 Portfolio Assessment in Education*** 1
Electives (9 credits)
Choose two (6 credits): EDU 125 Teaching Literature through Storytelling 3
EDU 225 Literature for Children 3
EDU 242 Art for Children 3
EDU 244 Physical Education for Elementary Grades 3
EDU 246 Music for Children 3
EDU 250 Education for Exceptional Learners 3
Choose one (3 credits): PSY 210 Human Growth and Development 3
PSY 215 Adolescent Psychology 3
Any content area course above what is required for the A.A.T.
Total Required Hours: 64 credits

* If a 3-credit MAT 162 equivalent is taken, an additional credit hour must be taken in General Education

** Students must take HIS 102 or POL 101 to meet state requirements.

*** Entire MOGEA must be passed for successful completion of EDU 290. MOGEA Exam covers English, Math, Science and Social Studies – must achieve a passing score in all areas – recommend taking before completion of 30 credit hours.

Suggested Schedule Planning

Course Title Credits
First Semester (15 credits)
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
MAT 156
MAT 162
College Algebra - Educators or
College Algebra STEM
Science Natural Science with Lab 4
COL 101 College Success Seminar* 1
Second Semester (18 credits)
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
EDU 211 Foundations of Education 3
GEO 100 Principles of Geography 3
HIS 102 US History Since 1877 3
SPE 101 Oral Communications 3
Science Natural Science 3
Take MOGEA Exam
Third Semester (16 credits)
EDU 220 Technology for Teachers 3
EDU 240 Educational Psychology 3
Science Natural Science with Lab 4
POL 101 American Government 3
LIT 210 or
LIT 220
American Lit from 1620-1865 or
American Lit from 1865-Present
Fourth Semester (16 credits)
EDU 285 Teaching Profession w/ Field Experience 3
EDU 290 Education Portfolio 1
LIT 271 Literature and Contemporary Cultures 3
Elective** Education Elective 3
Elective** Education Elective 3
Elective** Education Elective 3
Total Hours Required for Graduation: 64 credits

* College Requirement

** Education Electives: It is essential that you check with your transfer college for transferable courses.

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