Programming Languages C.A.

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Programming Languages C.A.

Department: Computer Science

Total Credit Hours: 31 credits

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Programming Languages C.A. (PDF)


Approved Courses

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Subject Course Title Credits
General Education Requirements (13 credits)
Mathematics MAT 098 Beginning Algebra 4
Communication ENG 101 English Composition I 3
Social Sciences HIS 101 or US History to 1877  3
HIS 102 or US History Since 1877 
HIS 115 or US History Since 1945 
HIS 270 or History of Missouri 
POL 101 or American Government 
POL 102 State & Local Government
Elective CPT 103 Microcomputer Applications 3
Primary Elective (12 credits) - Choose two pairs of the following:
Option 1 - Programming (6 credits) CPT 182 or Beg. Programming C++ 3
CPT 187 or Visual Basic (.NET) 3
CPT 189 and Java Programming 3
CPT 287  Introduction to Data Structures 3
Option 2 - Programming (6 credits) CPT 181 and SQL Basics 3
CPT 260 and Oracle Programming 3
Option 3 - Programming (6 credits) CPT Any CPT 6
Secondary Elective (6 credits) - Choose one pair of the following:
CPT 135 and Programming in Python 6
CPT 250 Database Programming (PHP)
CPM 190 and Dynamic Prog. Languages 6
CPT 160  Mobile Apps Development
CPT 104 and Intro to Prog Animation & Games 6
CPT 185 Programming in C#
Total Required Hours: 31 credits

What Is Computer Programming?

Computer programmers determine the types of information and data needed to produce the computer results expected by an organization's decision-makers and decide how to analyze and process information and summarize results in printed reports or graphic displays. They determine what programming language to use to write programs that satisfy an organization's needs.

Occupation Overview

Computer programmers write the detailed instructions (programs and software) that list in a logical order the steps the computer must follow to organize data to solve a problem. Programmers determine how to capture and enter information needed and summarize computer results in reports and displays.

Many programmers obtain a two-year associate degree for an entry-level position. However, the trend for many positions has been the requirement of a bachelor's degree. If a student wants to transfer courses, then the Associate of Applied Science degree should be pursued and the Computer Science Transfer Program Schedule Guide followed.

Salary Outlook

The average starting salary for programmers is $32,500 with an associate's degree and about $50,000 per year with a bachelor’s degree. The hourly mean wage for computer programmers in Missouri is $38.37. Established computer programmers generally earn an average of $79,810 per year.

Exceptional performers can earn in excess of $130,360.

Sources: FOCUS Online Career and Education Planning Systems.

Exceptional performers can earn in excess of $130,360.

Computer Programming Careers

SCC graduates are employed in a broad range of careers including, but not limited to: programmer/analyst, application programmer/developer, programmer systems analyst, network or system software engineer, project manager and technical writer.

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