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Personal Trainer CA

Department: $

Total Credit Hours: 30-31

Approved Courses

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Subject Course Title Credits
Core Course Requirements (30-31 credits)
EXS 100 Introduction to Exercise Science 3
EXS 110 Introduction to Exercise Physiology 3
EXS 200 Muscular Fitness Assessment/Program Design 2
EXS 205 Flexibility and Balance Assessment/Program Design 2
EXS 210 Cardiorespiratory Fitness Assessment/Program Design 2
EXS 215 Weight Management and Motivation Assessment/Program Design 2
EXS 220 Resistance Training and Recovery Techniques 3
EXS 225 Cardiorespiratory and Flexibility Training 3
PHE 112 Weight Training I 1
PHE 211 or PHE 210 CPR/AED or First Aid & Safety 1-2
PHE 215 or PHE 243 Personal Wellness or Nutrition for Special Populations 2
PHE 230 Healthful Living 3
PHE 241 or PHE 242 Principles of Human Nutrition or Introducation to Nutrition 3
Total Required Hours: 30-31 credits


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