Nursing A.S.

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Nursing A.S.

Department: Nursing

Total Credit Hours: 72 credits

The Nursing Program at SCC includes courses in science and liberal arts, as well as nursing. Nursing courses consist of lecture and laboratory periods and include carefully planned clinical experiences in local health care facilities. Clinicals begin early in the first semester and increase in length of time and complexity of skill as the program progresses. A well-equipped lab on campus allows students to practice thaw skills. Flexible scheduling allows students to choose between day and evening courses and clinical experiences.

The total program must yield a cumulative grade point average of 2.0, and all nursing and science courses must have earned a grade of "B" or above. Effective 2013.

Required Courses

Subject Course Title Credits
General Education Requirements (31 credits)
Communication ENG 101
ENG 102 or
English Composition I
English Composition II or
Social Science HIS 101 or
HIS 102 or
HIS 115 or
POL 101 or
POL 102

PSY 101
SOC 101
US History or
American Government

Intro to Psychology
Intro to Sociology

Natural Science CHM 101,103 or
CHM 106
BIO 250A, 250B
BIO 251A, 251B
BIO 246
Intro to Chemistry & Lab
Chemistry for Allied Health
Anatomy & Physiology I & Lab
Anatomy & Physiology II &Lab
Microbiology & Lab
Core Course Requirements (41 credits)
NUR 103, 113, 123 Introduction to Nursing (Lecture, Lab, Clinical) 9
NUR 104, 114, 124 Nursing of Adults/Children I (Lecture, Lab, Clinical) 11
NUR 253, 263, 273 Nursing of Adults/Children III (Lecture, Lab, Clinical) 10
NUR 254, 264, 274 Nursing of Adults/Children IV (Lecture, Lab, Clinical) 11
Total Required Hours: 72 credits


This program prepares graduates to take the national licensure exam for registered nurses (RN). Graduates of this program may also be eligible to continue their education at a four-year institution. SCC has developed transfer agreements with nursing programs at senior institutions.

All required science courses must have been taken within five years from the start of the program and passed with a "B" or better.

The prerequisite for Introduction to Chemistry is a "C" or above in Beginning Algebra (MAT 098) or assessing higher.

The prerequisite for Anatomy & Physiology I is high school biology or its equivalent within the last five years with a grade of "C" or above. If a biology class was taken more than five years ago, students may take BIO 095 (Pre-A&P).

For specific admissions requirements that apply to the two-year nursing program at SCC, see Admissions and Records, or call vocational counseling at 636-922-8246.

For more information, call 636-922-8246.

Suggested Schedule Planning

Course Title Credits
First Semester (9 credits)
NUR 103 Intro to Nursing 9
NUR 113 Intro to Nursing Lab
NUR 123 Intro to Nursing Clinical
(Includes 12 hours per week of clinical)
Second Semester (11 credits)
NUR 104 Nursing of Adults & Children I 11
NUR 114 Nursing of Adults & Children I Lab
NUR 124 Nursing of Adults & Children I Clinical
(Includes 12 hours per week of clinical)
Third Semester (10 credits)
NUR 253 Nursing of Adults & Children III 10
NUR 263 Nursing of Adults & Children III Lab
NUR 273 Nursing of Adults & Children III Clinical
(Includes 12 hours per week of clinical)
Fourth Semester (11 credits)
NUR 254 Nursing of Adults & Children IV 11
NUR 264 Nursing of Adults & Children IV Lab
NUR 274 Nursing of adults & Children IV Clinical
(Includes 16 hours per week of clinical)
Total Hours Required for Graduation: 72 credits

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