Multimedia and Web Design A.A.S.

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Multimedia and Web Design A.A.S.

Department: Graphic Design

Total Credit Hours: 66-67 credits

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Multimedia and Web Design A.A.S. (PDF)


Approved Courses

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Subject Course Title Credits
General Education Requirements (24-25 credits)
Mathematics MAT 105 or Applied Math  3-4
MAT 121 Intermediate Algebra or higher
Communication ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 115 Technical Writing 3
COM 101 Oral Communication 3
Social Science HIS 101 or U.S. History to 1877  3
HIS 102 or U.S. History Since 1877 
HIS 115 or U.S. History Since 1945 
HIS 270 or History of Missouri 
POL 101 or American Government 
POL 102 State & Local Government
Natural Science Any BIO or Any BIOLOGY Course  3
Any CHM or Any CHEMISTRY Course 
Humanities CPT 105 Ethics in Technology 3
Elective CPT 115 Introduction to Data Processing 3
Core Course Requirements (33 credits)
CPT/BTC 103 Microcomputer Applications 3
CPT 106 PC Operating Systems 3
CPT 121 Basics of Data Communications 3
CPT 165 Programming Logic 3
CPM 120 Introduction to Multimedia (Adobe Creative Cloud) 3
CPM 170 Computer Graphics (Adobe Illustrator) 3
CPM 160 Frontend Web Development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) 3
CPM 210 Digital Photo Editing (Adobe Photoshop) 3
CPM 250 Motion Graphics (Adobe After Effects) 3
CPM 295 Web Project/Portfolio Capstone 3
CPM 260 WordPress 3
Electives (9 credits) - Choose three
CPM 190 Backend Web Development (JavaScript/XML/PHP/MySQL) 3
CPM 220 3-D Modeling and Animation (Sketchup) 3
CPM 230 Social Media Marketing for the Web 3
CPM 240 Web Development 3
CPM 270 Digital Video Editing (Premiere/AfterEffects) 3
CPM 280 JavaScript 3
CPM 290 Topics in Multimedia & Web Design 3
CPT 160 Mobile Apps Development 3
CPT 250 Database Programming (SQL) 3
Total Required Hours: 66-67 credits

What Is Multimedia and Web Design?

This program option provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of multimedia and Web design. Students will be able to choose from courses that focus on Web page design and development, multimedia programming, 2D and 3D graphics and animation for the Web, video and sound editing, and dynamic scripting (programming) languages to create vibrant websites. Students will learn how to integrate different types of content (script, design, video, audio, etc.) into an artistically powerful whole multimedia project.

Web designers determine the look and feel of an entire website. Web art directors have a degree in commercial art or fine arts with a strong course background in graphic design, computer science or information systems. Specialized coursework in Internet and website technology is very helpful. Courses should include Internet software languages, website design using graphics and audio-visual techniques, website setup and maintenance and information security. Courses in marketing and advertising will strengthen your credentials. When seeking an entry-level position in this field, it is important to have a portfolio containing samples of your best work.

Occupational Outlook

Employment of web professionals is projected to grow 14 percent or higher through 2024, faster than the average for all occupations. Demand will be driven by the growing popularity of mobile devices and e-commerce.

Local/regional placement and outlook have been higher than average compared to the national outlook.

Salary Outlook

Nationally, established multimedia artists and animators generally earn between $49,320 and $90,450 per year. Exceptional performers can earn in excess of $115,960. Nationally, established webmasters generally earn between $47,580 and $91,600 per year. Exceptional performers can earn in excess of $119,550.

Opportunities for advancement and promotion after entry-level employment are typically higher with an A.A.S. degree compared to certificates.

Sources: FOCUS Online Career and Education Planning Systems.

Opportunities for advancement and promotion after entry-level employment are typically higher with an A.A.S. degree compared to certificates.

Web and Multimedia Careers

SCC graduates are employed in a broad range of careers, including, but not limited to: multimedia developer, webmaster, Web programmer, game developer and creative director.

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