English as a Second Language C.S.

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English as a Second Language C.S.

Department: English as a Second Language

Total Credit Hours: 18-22 credits

A Certificate of Specialization in English as a Second Language that targets non-native speakers who are working to build English language skills while preparing to take college courses in all disciplines. This certificate contains 18-22 credit hours, encouraging mastery of English Reading, Writing and Speaking skills, and would consist of at least, but not limited to six courses.

Required Courses

SCC Institutional Requirements

  • Complete specific program requirements as listed below.
  • Complete a minimum of 15 credit hours or the certificate requirements whichever is less at SCC.
  • Earn a 2.00 cumulative grade point average.
General Education Requirements (9-12 credits)
Writing At Least One:
ESL 107
ESL 108
ESL 109

Intensive Grammar Review for Non-Native Speakers
Intermediate Composition for Non-Native Speakers
Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers
Speaking & Listening At Least One:
ESL 103/SPE 100
ESL 105/SPE 101

Pronunciation & Communication & Listening for Non-Native Speakers
Advanced Conversation & Speaking Skills for Non-Native Speakers/Oral Communication
Reading At Least One:
ESL 104
ESL 106

College Reading for Non-Native Speakers Advanced
College Reading for Non-Native Speakers
* Elective if students have tested out of Reading ESL 100
ESL 109
Welcome/Orientation to SCC for Non-Native Speakers
Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers
Advanced Communication & Culture Requirements (6 credits- choose two courses)
Reading RDG 111 Reading Across the Disciplines 3
Writing ENG 101
ENG 102
English Composition I
English Composition II
Speaking & Listening SPE 101 Oral Communications 3
Culture- Choose One GLS 101
MUS 111
MUS 250
Music Performance Class
ART 101
ART 150
Art Studio Course

Introduction to Global Studies


Elective-Choose One Choose one:
ART (Studio Art)
BAS 101
BAS 130
BAS 131
BAS 132
BAS 135
BAS 136
BAS 137
COL 090
CPT Courses (Non-English intensive)
CRJ 140
ESL 100
ESL-107r ESL-108r ESL 103/SPE 100
ESL 105
ESL 109
ESL 120
ESL 299
Foreign Language (must have completed ESL 108)
HMS 100
MUS (any performance class)
RDG 080
RDG 081
RDG 083
RDG 084
RDG 090
RDG 104
RDG 106
SPE 101 
Total Required Hours: 18-22 credits

Contact Information

Shannon Beahan,
Office Coordinator
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Dawn Huffman,
Program Chair
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HUM 203
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8:00 - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

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