Early Childhood Education Transfer Program A.A.T.

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Early Childhood Education Transfer Program A.A.T.

Department: Education

Total Credit Hours: 64 credits

What Is Child Care & Early Education A.A.T.?

This degree provides students the knowledge and skills to care for and teach young children (birth to age 8) and transfer to a four-year institution to continue their education. Child care professionals promote the social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth of infant, toddler and preschool children by guiding and supervising them through a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences.

Occupational Outlook

Employment of child care and early education shows a growing trend through the next decade. Employment growth is expected due to increases in student enrollment in childcare and preschool.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this field is projected to grow 5 to 8 percent from 2012-2024.

Salary Outlook

In Missouri, employees working as a preschool teacher earn a mean average of $33,300, depending on education, experience and employer. 

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, earnings increase significantly as a worker's degree of education rises.

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics and  FOCUS Online Career and Education Planning Systems

Required Courses

General Education Requirements (42 credits)
Mathematics MAT 156 College Algebra - Educators 4
Communication ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
COM 101 or Oral Communications or 3
COM 102 Public Speaking
Social Science PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
HIS 102 or US History Since 1877* or 3
HIS 146 Western Civilization: Modern Europe
POL 101 or American Government* or 3
POL 102 State and Local Government

Natural Science - Option 1
(Choose Option I or Option 2)

BIO 105 and Essentials of Biology and 11
CHM 115 and General Chemistry I and
PHY 111  Introduction to Physical Science 
Natural Science - Option 2 BIO 105/106 and Essentials of Biology with Lab 
CHM 101/103 and Introduction to Chemistry with Lab and
PHY 111/113 Introduction to Physical Science with Lab 
May take both LIT Requirements from this section
LIT 271 or Literature and Contemporary Cultures or 6
LIT 210 or American Literature from 1620-1865 or
LIT 220  American Literature from 1865-Present

or may choose a second LIT from the following

LIT 200 or World Mythology or
LIT 201 or Mythology in Western Culture or
LIT 207 or Introduction to the Bible as Literature or
LIT 215 or Introduction to Poetry or
LIT 222 or Native American Literature or
LIT 223 or African American Literature or
LIT 230 or Contemporary Fiction or
LIT 240 or Contemporary Literature or
LIT 250 or English Literature before 1800 or
LIT 252 or Introduction to Shakespeare or
LIT 260 or English Literature after 1800 or
LIT 272 or World Literature - Ancient World through the Renaissance or
LIT 273 or World Literature - Enlightenment to 20th Century or
LIT 275 or Holocaust Literature or
LIT 280 or Gender Issues in Literature or
LIT 289 Writing about Literature
Multicultural/Valuing - choose one
*can not count for both EDU and MVC credit
GEO 100 or Principles of Geography or 3
ECO 100 or Survey Economics or
EDU 247 Multicultural Education
Core Course Requirements (13 credits) - All EDU courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher and cumulative GPA of 3.00
EDU 212 Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society 3
EDU 222 Educational Technology 3
EDU 240 Education Psychology 3
EDU 285 Teaching Profession with Field Experience 3
EDU 290 Portfolio Assessment in Education** 1
Electives** (9 credits)
*Courses are a part of the Statewide Articulation AAT Agreement EDU 125 Teaching Literature through Storytelling 3
EDU 201 Cognitive Activities & STEM for Young Children 3
EDU 202 Creative Activities & Play for Young Children 3
EDU 204 Principles of Early Childhood Curriculum 3
EDU 205 Children, Families, and Communities 3
EDU 207 Introduction to Young Children with Special Needs 3
EDU 208 Nutrition, Health, and Safety of Young Children 3
EDU 225 Literature for Children 3
EDU 242 Art for Children 3
EDU 246 Music for Children 3
EDU 247* Multicultural Education 3
EDU 250* Education of Exceptional Learners 3
EDU 252 Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
EDU 255 Social Communication and Sensory Integratio 3
Total Required Hours: 64 credits

* Students must take either HIS 102 or POL 101 to meet state requirements

** Entire Mogea must be passed for successful completion of EDU 290. MOGEA Exam covers English, Math, Science and Social Studies – must achieve a passing score in all areas - recommend taking before completion of 30 credit hours.

Suggested Schedule Planning

First Semester (15 credits)
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
MAT 156 College Algebra - Educators 4
Science Natural Science with Lab 4
Second Semester (18 credits)
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
EDU 212 Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society 3
HIS 102 US History Since 1877 3
COM 101 Oral Communications 3
Science Natural Science 3
Take MOGEA Exam
Third Semester (16 credits)
EDU 222 Educational Technology 3
EDU 240 Education Psychology 3
Science Natural Science with Lab 4
POL 101 American Government 3
LITERATURE Literature Requirement 3
Fourth Semester (16 credits)
EDU 285 Teaching Profession with Field Experience 3
EDU 290 Education Portfolio 1
LITERATURE Literature Requirement 3
Elective** Education Elective 3
Elective** Education Elective 3
Elective** Education Elective 3
Total Hours Required for Graduation: 64 credits

* College requirement

** Education Electives: It is essential that you check with your transfer college for transferable courses.

Per College policy Individual students may be required to take COL 101.

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