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Practical Nursing Program

General Information

Thank you for your interest in the St. Charles Community College Practical Nursing Program. It is fully approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

Program Purpose

The Practical Nursing Program is designed to prepare licensed practical nurses who administer safe, patient-centered nursing care in beginning staff nurse roles in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, doctor's offices and other health care facilities and home settings. Graduates are awarded a certificate of achievement in practical nursing and are eligible to apply for the Practical Nurse Licensing Examination.

Since intravenous therapy is integrated into the practical nursing program, graduates are prepared for employment as IV-certified licensed practical nurses immediately after graduation and satisfactory completion of the State Board of Nursing requirements for licensure.

LPN Admission Requirements

Practical Nursing (LPN) Admission Requirements

The Practical Nursing Program begins once a year in January. You must make an appointment with the career-technical counselor to fill out an application for the program.

Applications will be considered only after the following have been submitted and verified:

  1. St. Charles Community College assessment tests completed or official transcripts on file for college level English or Math courses passed with a grade of C or better.
  2. Any required developmental courses taken and passed (ENG 095, ENG 096, RDG 085, 092 and 093, MAT 096 or ESL equivalents).

You should meet with a nursing counselor as soon as you are eligible to complete the application. Your application date will be used to determine your program start date. Students are considered on a first come/first serve basis. Priority will be given to students who meet the following admission requirements by Sept. 15 of the year prior to starting the program.

  • Submit previous official college transcripts (if you have already taken college courses).
  • ACT test scores are required – minimum score: 20 (test must have been taken within the last five years).
  • EXCEPTION: Students with 10 college hours of general education courses with a GPA of 2.5 or above do not have to take the ACT test. (Developmental or pass/fail courses are not counted in the 10 hours used to calculate the GPA.)
  • Students must complete the HESI A2 Entrance Exam with a minimum score of 70% on each subsection: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Math, and Anatomy and Physiology.
  • HESI A2 Entrance Exam must be taken within two years from program start.
  • Students may take the HESI A2 up to three times per calendar year not to exceed one time in a six-week period.
  • Tuition for HESI A2 Entrance Exam is non refundable.

*** These admission criteria are subject to change.

NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to supply documentation that requirements are met and to maintain awareness of deadlines, academic status, course requirements, etc.

Selection Process & Confirming Admission

Student applications will be processed after the following are completed and verified:

  1. Assessment test completed
  2. Any required developmental courses taken and passed (ENG 092, 096; MAT 095, 096, 120) or transcripts on file for college level courses;

Eligible students are accepted on a first-come first-served basis and are assigned an anticipated date of enrollment. Students who have completed the admission requirements prior to their date of enrollment may enroll sooner if space is available.

Students will be considered as active applicants only if they maintain contact with the Career-Technical Counselor at least every semester. Students who do not maintain contact or who cannot be reached by the address or telephone number on record at the college will be dropped from the applicant file.

No new students will be admitted in the LPN program after five class days have elapsed.

LPN Graduation Requirements

To meet graduation requirements for the Certificate of Achievement in Practical Nursing, students must earn the equivalent of 33 credit hours in nursing and 17 credit hours of specific general education courses. The total 50 hours must yield a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and all Nursing and Science courses must have an earned grade of "C" or above.

Program Costs

In-District Students*

Effective June 2015

Tuition and Fees – $103 per credit hour

Course Hours Cost
NPN 100 1 $103.00
NPN 101 7 $721.00
NPN 102 9 $927.00
NPN 151 11 $1,133.00
NPN 152 8 $824.00
Criminal Background and Drug Screening $105.00
Insurance Fee ($13.50 per year) $27.00
Assessment Test $45.00
NAH Fee ($750 per semester) $2,250.00
Technology Fee ($5.00 per credit hour) included in tuition
Non Nursing Courses (17 credit hours at $103/credit hour) $1,666.00
Incidental Expenses $1,000.00
GRAND TOTAL $8,801.00


*See College catalog for out-of-district tuition.

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