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College Development

The College Development Department provides courses that guide and assist students with their college experience and promote success both in college and in the careers that follow.

COL 090 College Study Skills gives students the skills and tools to excel in college classes.

COL 101 Orientation to College helps first-time freshmen understand the many aspects of college life, procedures, resources, study skills, time management tips and much more. This course is required for all first-time freshmen taking 9 or more hours (5 hours or more in the summer semester).

COL 104 Online Information and Internet Research Skills needed to select and search online information sources. Focus is on strategies for searching online catalogs, indexes and the Internet. Includes resource comparison, evaluation and citation, and types of information.

COL 299 Sophomore Portfolio/Capstone (link to portal) course is a culminating experience designed to assess a student's academic progress.

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