Transfer - How It Works

Transfer of credit means you are taking courses at SCC that will replace the equivalent courses at the university to which you plan to attend.

With careful planning, you can usually take at least half of the classes you will need for your bachelor's degree at SCC. For example, most colleges require two semesters of English composition. Most colleges will accept the two semesters of English composition at SCC, ENG 101 and 102, as meeting their English composition requirement. Therefore, you would not take an English composition course at the university.

A college degree is made up of:

  • General Education – Roughly a third of most college degrees are composed of courses that build general skill and knowledge levels, such as English, math, science, humanities and social sciences.
  • Major Field Courses – Every major has courses that are required to earn a degree in that field. For example, a business major would take economics, accounting and advanced math courses. Generally, most of the courses in your major field will be taken during your junior and senior years at your transfer institution.
  • Elective Courses – Elective courses are taken for general interest. Generally, it is not recommended to take very many elective courses at SCC unless you know they will transfer toward your bachelor's degree.

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