Connecting With Your Transfer Institution

In preparing for a successful transfer to an four-year institution, you want to be aware of a few things that will help ease the transition to your new environment.

Your transfer school will be different than SCC! Start learning how your new school handles the academic advising and registration processes, and where to find campus resources such as the library, bookstore, financial aid, tutoring, etc. Usually, your academic advisor can be your “lifeline” to help you sort through the requirements, policies and services you need to be sure you will accomplish your degree. Check out any special programs that exist to help transfer students, such as a transfer orientation. Take a tour of all the places you need to know – including classrooms!

Most universities have a wide variety of organizations and activities. You will find opportunities to meet other people with similar academic and/or social interests by getting involved in campus organizations. This kind of connection with other students can play a big part in helping you fit in at your new campus.

After you transfer, you may find that:

  • Classes are larger.
  • You need to study more for the upper-level courses in your major.
  • You have to work harder to interact with your professors.
  • You have to take more initiative to receive help and to gather important information.
  • You need to work harder to maintain or improve your grade point average.
  • You will have to learn how to handle more distractions that interfere with your study and class attendance.

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