Applying to the Transfer University

Meet Deadlines
Many financial aid scholarships have deadlines on the first of February or March. Don’t rule out a college simply because of the tuition cost! You may be able to obtain scholarships to make the cost affordable for you. Always check with the transfer college for available financial assistance.

Have Your Academic Transcripts Sent From SCC
Have one set mailed with the application for admission and one sent at the end of your final semester with all grades and degrees earned from SCC.

Transfer of Credit

  • Have a personal copy of your transcript.
  • Look for each course you have taken in college on the transfer evaluation form, and if you don’t see how it transferred in, ask about it.
  • Try to establish a contact person at the four-year university to talk with when you have transfer questions. Many universities have a specific person or an office that helps transfer students.
  • Get your information in writing and keep all transfer information.
  • After you are accepted to the university, be sure to keep a copy of all paperwork involved in the transfer process. Make sure all the information is correct. Always be aware of the exact courses you need to meet the bachelor’s degree graduation requirements, and check each course you take to make sure it applies to your degree. Keep copies of all grade cards, graduation evaluations and other paperwork that shows your progress toward your degree.

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