As part of its mission to make educational opportunities available to all residents of the college district, SCC recognizes the importance of developing and maintaining community, business, and institutional partnerships.

By working with the state of Missouri, other public and private colleges and universities, area business and industry, school districts, and local agencies and institutions, the community college is better equipped to provide the programs and services that constituents need and want.

Such partnerships and collaborative efforts will enhance work force preparation and make attending college more affordable and available to the average citizen. Initiatives include cooperating with high schools to provide students with technical preparation, advanced placement, and dual enrollment; and transfer and articulation agreements with colleges and universities.

For example, a 2+2 agreement with the University of Missouri-St. Louis allows students to continue their progress toward a bachelor's degree by enrolling in junior and senior-level university courses on the SCC campus.

Agreement with Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio, and the University of Phoenix in Arizona allow students to complete a bachelor's degree online via the Internet after a prescribed sequence of courses at SCC.

In addition, the community college continues to develop partnerships with large and small businesses, institutions, colleges, and agencies for training and retraining, job placement, community service, and economic development. The college is part of the award-winning Dislocated Worker Program and Work Connection one-stop shop - a job preparation partnership with state and local agencies.

The college library is a member of MOBIUS, the statewide computerized catalog system that enables patrons to search the holdings of numerous other academic libraries throughout the state, resulting in access to 14 million volumes.

Another unique partnership that is centered on educational access through state-of-the-art technology is the Gateway Consortium for distance learning. SCC and three area community colleges pool their faculty talent and technology expertise to offer more than 75 telecourses, Web-based courses, tele-web courses and interactive television (ITV) courses. This collaborative technology allows students to learn from home or office. New educational partnerships are welcomed and continue to form across the college's service area.