Important Dual Credit Information for Students

Steps to Enrollment for the Dual Credit Program

  1. Apply to SCC on the website as a Dual Enrollment student.
  2. Fill out the Dual Credit Application
  3. Submit transcript and ACT scores (if applicable) to or  
  4. Check with your high school about additional paperwork that you need to fill out
  5. Send all documents (dual credit application, high school paperwork, and additional paperwork) to
  6. Set up an appointment (zoom or phone) with the Dual Credit Coordinator, Sarah Manfucci.

Student Responsibilities

Dual credit students are responsible for their own education. In addition to regular attendance, students are expected to have active class participation, meet course objectives and deadlines, seek academic help when needed, utilize the SCC Portal and the CANVAS Learning Management System. Students should respond to their SCC emails and address any concerns directly with their instructors.

Dates and Deadlines

Dual credit students will follow the SCC Academic Calendar and course deadlines, regardless of high school calendars and cancellations. Students should plan ahead and complete assignments before deadlines.


In college, no matter the student’s age, educational rights are limited solely to the student. Parents have no inherent right to inspect their son’s or daughter’s educational records. Learn more about FERPA, you can visit our webpage. If a student wishes to allow a parent or guardian to access or talk about their records, students need to fill out the FERPA form. To fill out the FERPA FORM document, please click on the link and email the form to Sarah Foster at or Kathy Brockgreitens at


An instructor may administratively withdraw a student for non-attendance or poor attendance. The Administrative Withdrawal Policy may be found in the SCC Board Polices on the college website.


SCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Credit earned under this program will be applicable toward a degree at SCC and is generally transferable to other accredited four-year colleges and universities in Missouri. General education courses that are part of Missouri’s statewide Core Transfer Curriculum (CORE 42) are guaranteed to transfer to any public institution in the state.

Transferring Credits

Because each institution establishes its own transfer credit policies, St. Charles Community College cannot guarantee transfer of credits outside the CORE 42 to another university. SCC has many transfer agreements with other colleges and universities. Students are responsible for consulting with other college institutions about transfer policies. For more about transferring credit from SCC to another institution, refer to the following pages:

It is important to note that the credits you complete at SCC will follow you all throughout college years. The credits will always be a part of your college transcripts.

Tuition, Textbooks and Payment

The partnering high school determines if the school district or the student is responsible for tuition, fees, textbooks and other class-related materials. Contact your high school for more information.

Textbook information can be found through the SCC Campus Store or in the course syllabus. Information regarding the bookstore is available on the college website.

Payment for dual credit courses must be made before the deadline, or students will be dropped from their class(s) and high school credits could be affected.

Dropping/Withdrawing Courses

We hope students are successful. If dropping a course is a consideration, please first review the drop deadline, refund schedule, contact the Dual Credit Coordinator to determine how this will impact high school credits and graduation, and your parents, before deciding. If dropping a course is necessary, contact the dual credit coordinator at A course would be considered a withdraw if it is after the drop deadline. The student will also have a grade of a W. This will not impact the GPA with the college.

Current Partnerships

Contact your school’s guidance counselor for more information about your school’s program.

  • Wentzville School District
  • Orchard Farm R-V School District
  • Wright City R-II School District
  • Francis Howell School District
  • Warrenton School District
  • St. Charles School District

Additional Resources and Information

  • Academic Calendar
  • Paying Tuition
  • Refund Schedule
  • Student Handbook
  • College Catalog
  • Course Schedule and Descriptions
  • SCC Portal and Login Information
  • Username and Password Help
  • Administrative Withdrawal Policy
  • Transfer Agreements
  • Final Grades
  • Sending Transcripts to Another School
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