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Course Descriptions

Course Types:


ENG 095   Developmental Writing I (3)

Prerequisites: Writing Placement Score 1-2/Place in RDG 092 or higher.

Remediates basic writing weaknesses such as basic grammar and sentence structure. Focus on construction of developed paragraphs. Course is ungraded and may be repeated.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ENG 096   Developmental Writing II (3)

Prerequisites: Placement or ENG 095 with pass grade

Pre-college-level writing class focusing on basic writing skills. Includes review of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and paragraph structure. May require assignments in ACE Center. Course does not count toward most degrees. Some sections offered as ESL friendly, i.e. taught by instructor trained to work with students for whom English is not primary language. Course grade on pass (P), repeat (R), or fail (F) basis.

Course Type(s): On-Campus Hybrid

ENG 101   English Composition I (3)

Prerequisites: Meet 1 of the following: 1.) Assess into ENG-101; 2.) Pass ENG-096; 3.) Grade of C or better in ESL-109 and a grade of C or better in ESL-106 (or assess out of ESL-106).

College-level writing course required for all other college-level writing classes. Emphasizes essay structure, ways of organizing information, and use of sources. Basic research skills and critical thinking skills as integral part of course.

Missouri Higher Education Core Curriculum Transfer (CORE 42) Course Number:  MOTR ENGL 100 – Composition I

Course Type(s): On-Campus Online Hybrid

ENG 102   English Composition II (3)

Prerequisites: C grade in ENG 101 or EACT27

Advanced college-level writing course emphasizing analysis and in-depth research. Critical reading and thinking skills as well as library skills are integral part of course.

Missouri Higher Education Core Curriculum Transfer (CORE 42) Course Number:  MOTR ENGL 200 – Composition II

Course Type(s): On-Campus Online Hybrid

ENG 115   Technical Writing (3)

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Required course for some technical programs. Writing skills applied to technical reports and summaries. Emphasizes special language, information, and audience demands of technical subjects and audiences. Students must receive a minimum grade of ?C? in ENG 101 to register for course.

Missouri Higher Education Core Curriculum Transfer (CORE 42) Course Number:  MOTR ENGL 110 – Technical Writing

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ENG 125   Business Writing (3)

Prerequisites: C or better in ENG 101

Required course for some business majors. Writing skills applied to various types of business communications including business correspondence. Emphasis on demands of special audiences and types of communications.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ENG 200   Book Writing Workshop (3)

Student should have excellent writing skills and be proficient in the English language. Skills and methods required to professionally write a fiction or nonfiction book. Students will complete the framework and a minimum of three chapters for possible submission to a publisher.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ENG 201   Introduction to Creative Writing (3)

Exploration of various forms and processes of creative writing.

Course Type(s): On-Campus Hybrid

ENG 202   Creative Writing II (3)

Prerequisites: ENG 201

An extension of ENG 201, with emphasis placed on advanced techniques for writing poetry, fiction, nonfiction and drama.  Student work will undergo regular workshopping, and significant attention will be paid to learning about the world of publishing literary journals, both through the lens of potential submitters and as editors of a magazine.

Course Type(s): On-Campus Hybrid

ENG 203   Self-Publishing Workshop (3)

From manuscript preparation to media marketing, presentation of how to publish books for bookstore shelves or for family history. Guest speakers enhance course with expertise in industry. Instructor is published professional writer.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ENG 206   Fiction Writing (3)

Advanced creative writing with emphasis on guided editing and revision of narrative forms including essay, fiction, and creative non-fiction.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ENG 207   Poetry Writing (3)

Advanced poetry writing with emphasis on open discussion of student work and individualized critique by instructor and peers.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ENG 208   Writing for Stage and Screen (3)

Advanced drama and screenplay writing with emphasis on open discussion of student work and individualized critique by instructor and peers. Additional emphasis on formatting and industry expectations.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ENG 209   Writing Creative Nonfiction (3)

Advanced writing of various forms of creative nonfiction, including but not limited to memoir, autobiography, travel writing, lyric and meditative essay, and others, with emphasis on open discussion of student work and individualized critique by instructor and peers.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ENG 249   Editing the Literary Publication (1)

By serving as assistant readers for a literary journal, students will learn the industry practices and standards of literary publishing by reading and evaluating work submitted by writers and assisting in design and production. Note: Completion of ENG 201 recommended.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ENG 250   Advanced Creative Writing Workshop (3)

Prerequisites: ENG 206, 207, 208, or 209 or permission of instructor

An advanced creative writing workshop for students who have completed either Fiction Writing, Poetry Writing, Writing for Stage and Screen, or Writing Creative Nonfiction, in which students will further hone their skills and polish their work in a workshop setting. Instructor and class-wide feedback will be the primary form of response.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ENG 280   Linguistics: The Science of Words (3)

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Introduction to linguistics, the study of how language forms and changes. Includes phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics, along with language acquisition and development, and pragmatics.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ENG 298   Creative Writing Portfolio (1)

As a culmination of creative writing studies, students will work one-on-one with the instructor to create a portfolio of polished manuscripts. Required materials will be determined by the instructor.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

ENG 299   Topics in Creative Writing (3)

Special topics writing class. Topics vary semester to semester.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

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