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Spring 2024 credit class schedule (printable PDF)


Course Types:

College Development

COL 020   Fall Power Prep (0)

COL 020M - Fall Power Prep Math

This workshop covers the foundational skills needed for a college level math course. Topics include linear, quadratic, absolute value, rational, exponential, and radical forms of expressions, equations, and inequalities; graphing linear and quadratic equations and circles. Along with suggestions for study strategies, students will be given an edge up for success in their fall math class.

COL 020R - Fall Power Prep Reading

This workshop covers how to improve reading speed, fluency, comprehension and critical thinking skills. Topics include the reading process, stated and implied main idea, inferences, drawing logical conclusions, evaluating arguments and effective note taking. Tips and strategies will be discussed that can help all types of learners succeed in their college courses.

COL 020W - Fall Power Prep Writing

This workshop covers how to brainstorm, organize, create a hook or grab attention, construct a body paragraph and conclusion and revision strategies. Learn about the parts of every paragraph to make writing easier and more understandable. Ultimately, you'll create and reflect on your own writing plan that can be used to find success in the many college courses that require writing.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

COL 090   College Study Skills (3)

Develops, improves, and practices study skills critical to success in college. Skills include time management, concentration, memory, SQ4R textbook study method, note taking from both lecture and textbook, exam preparation and test taking.  Contact department chair for course availability.  This course does not count toward graduation.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

COL 100   College Orientation (0)

This course is a half day, on campus orientation prior to the start of the semester. Students registered in a COL 101 course will be registered for an orientation session.

Course Type(s): On-Campus

COL 101   College Success Seminar (1)

Prerequisites: COL 100 - College Orientation (May be taken as a prerequisite or corequisite).

Corequisites: COL 100 - College Orientation (May be taken as a prerequisite or corequisite).

A required course for degree seeking students covering various aspects of college life including resources and procedures, interacting with instructors, instructor expectations, critical thinking, goal setting and commitment, learning styles, development of network and support groups, value of education and philosophy of learning, identification of student interests and needs, technology used in college classes and study skills. 

Course Type(s): On-Campus Online Hybrid

COL 104   Online Information and Internet Research (1)

Skills needed to select and search online information sources. Focus is on strategies for searching online catalogs, indexes, and the Internet. Includes resource comparison, evaluation and citation, and types of information.  Contact department chair for course availability. 

Course Type(s): On-Campus Online

COL 110   Career Development (1)

Assists in making career decisions through assessment of interests, values and abilities. Application of these traits to world of work to find career as appropriate combination of these three. In-depth exploration of several careers.  Contact department chair for course availability. 

Course Type(s): On-Campus

COL 299   Sophomore Portfolio Assessment (1)

Prerequisites: ENG 101 and sophomore standing

Corequisites: Students should take this course after completing 30 hours of their 42 hour AA general education transfer block.

Students will complete activities from 3 different general education discipline areas: Humanities, Social Science, and Multicultural/Valuing which will include evidence of Higher Order Thinking (HOT) and Managing Information (MI). Students may bring 1 artifact from a previous General Education course and revise it to meet the capstone criteria.  Contact department chair for course availability. 

Course Type(s): On-Campus Online Hybrid

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