Victimology Option A.A.S.

Abby Jackson

What Is Human Services – Victimology?

This degree provides opportunities for students interested in obtaining knowledge and skills specific to working to assist victims of crime, with internship opportunities that provide real work experience. Students acquire knowledge of current strategies for advocating for victims throughout the criminal justice system.

Through this program students learn how police, courts, social services, correctional facilities, probation/parole and other professionals work together to best serve crime victims. Students also acquire an understanding of crisis intervention, community services, victim’s rights and crime prevention. With this degree students have the educational foundation to successfully work in a wide variety of ways in both the adult and juvenile justice systems.

Human service professionals with a Victimology Option A.A.S. degree provide relevant information to help crime victims in their decision-making processes.  They also give emotional support as needed to victims.  

People interested in this program should enjoy working with people. They should possess good verbal and oral communications and problem-solving skills and have a positive attitude about themselves and others. 

Occupational Outlook

The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the number of addiction professionals will grow by 25 percent through 2020, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.  

Sources: Occupational Outlook Handbook

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Human Services Careers – Victimology

SCC graduates with an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in victimology are employed in a broad range of careers including, but not limited to: child support services worker, community welfare worker, marriage and family therapists, social and human services assistant, victim advocate and youth services specialist.

Graduates can work in a wide variety of settings including adult and juvenile court systems, law enforcement agencies, probation services, correctional facilities and other public and private agencies.

Salary Outlook

In the state of Missouri, employees working in community and social service occupations earn an average of $39,080 per year, depending on emphasis, education, experience and employer.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, earnings increase significantly as a worker’s degree of education rises.

Degree Name: Victimology Option A.A.S.
Degree or Program: Human Service
Degree Type: Associate of Applied Science Degree
This program provides students with a basic social science framework and perspective for pursuing a career in human services. The program also provides currently employed human services workers the opportunity to upgrade their skills.
General Education Requirements: 24-25
Mathematics Mat 105 or higher Applied Math or higher 3-4
Communication ENG 101
ENG 125
SPE 101
English Composition I
Business Writing
Oral Communication
Social Science HIS 101 or
HIS 102 or
HIS 115 or
HIS 270 or
POL 101 or
POL 102
U.S. History to 1877
U.S. History Since 1877
U.S. History Since 1945
History of Missouri
American Government
State & Local Government
Natural Science Any BIO, CHM, or PHY 3
Humanities Any Humanities 3
Elective BTC/CPT 103 Microcomputer Applications 3
HMS 100 Introduction to Human Services 3
HMS 101 Theories and Skills 3
HMS 102 Policy and Politics 3
HMS 201 Human Services Practicum I* 3
HMS 202 Human Services Practicum II* 3
HMS 203 Human Services Practicum Seminar I 3
HMS 204 Human Services Practicum Seminar II 3
HMS 298 Human Services Capstone 1
CRJ 101 Introduction to Victimology 3
CRJ 140 Introduction to Criminal Justice System 3
CRJ 210 Victim Services 3
CRJ 230 OR
Crisis Intervention OR
Special Topics in Human Services/Criminal Justice
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3

* Practicum oriented toward option area.

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