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What Is CAD

This certificate provides the student with knowledge of computer-aided drafting (CAD) while requiring a shorter time commitment than the Associate of Applied Science degree.

This certificate provides the student with skills comprehensive enough for entry-level employment in as little as one year. The student is afforded some latitude in upper-level course choices.

Occupation Overview

These technicians (i.e. drafting technicians or “drafters”) operate computer-aided design systems to produce final specifications and drawings for new designs. A drafter may work as a team member with engineers, analysts, architects, other drafters and/or designers assigned to a specific design. Drafters use special computer software for producing, communicating and revising detailed specifications and drawings.

Occupational Outlook

Employment of computer-aided design technicians is expected to have varied growth through 2018 depending on the industry. Local/regional placement and outlook has been realizing better than average as compared to the national outlook.

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CAD Careers

SCC graduates are employed in a broad range of careers, including, but not limited to: Architectural drafter, automotive design drafter, CAD drafter, civil drafter, construction design, designer, detail drafter, detailer, die designer, die-drawing checker, drawings checker, electrical drafter, estimator, government record keeper, factory layout drafter, HVAC drafter, industrial drafter, manufacturing technician, product design drafter, SolidWorks designer, structural drafter, technical illustrator, tooling designer.

Salary Outlook

CAD graduates typically average between $14-$22/hour. Future promotion and advancement may be more limited with a Certificate of Achievement as compared to an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Sources: FOCUS Online Career and Education Planning Systems

Degree Name: Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) C.A.
Degree or Program: Computer Aided Drafting
Degree Type: Certificate of Achievement

This certificate provides the student with skills comprehensive enough for entry-level employment in as little as one year. The student is afforded some latitude in upper-level course choices. 

General Education Requirements 
MAT 098 Beginning Algebra or higher*** 4  
CPT/BAS 103   Microcomputer Applications 3  
ENG 101 English Composition I*** 3  
HIS/POL History or Political Science** 3  
Required Courses in Computer Aided Drafting & Manufacturing 
CDM 103 Introduction to CAD Systems 2  
CDM 104   CAD Systems II  3  
CDM 221   Solid Modeling I  3  
Additional CDM Electives  for Certification: (choose four) 
CDM 120 Descriptive Geometry 2  
CDM 205 Architectural Drafting I 3  
CDM 206 Architectural Drafting II  3  
CDM 207 Revit Architecture I 3  
CDM 208 Revit Architecture II 3  
CDM 209 Construction Materials 3  
CDM 210 HVAC Drafting 3  
CDM 211 Structural Drafting 3  
CDM 212 Electrical/Electronic Drafting 3  
CDM 222 Solid Modeling II 3  
CDM 223 Geometric Dimensioning/Tolerance 3  
CDM 235 Manufacturing Processes 3  
CDM 251 Introduction to Piping Drafting 3  
CDM 255 Civil Drafting 3  
CDM 265 Sustainable Design 3  
CPM 220 3D Animation 3  
GEO 120 Introduction to GIS 3  
Other Courses Required for Certification
CDM 298 CAD Capstone 1  
Total Required Hours 

**Choose from one History or Political Science course HIS 101, 102, 115, 270; POL 101 or 102.

***The Academic Skills Assessment is required before enrolling in Math or English course.  If a student places into lower level courses than are required for his/her degree, then the student needs to first enroll in lower level courses before enrolling in the courses needed for graduation.

The student earning a Certificate needs to be aware that the courses taken are specifically designed to help in obtaining employment, are not designed for transfer to a four-year institution.  If the student wants to transfer courses, then the Associate of Arts Degree should be pursued.

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