Degree & Certificate Detail

Degree Name: Child Care & Early Education C.A.
Degree or Program: Child Care & Early Education
Degree Type: Certificate of Achievement

This certificate prepares students for entry-level or assistant positions in early childhood programs.

Students who have had experience in early childhood programs may also select the courses that are necessary to meet state licensing requirements for administrative positions in early childhood programs.

General Education Requirements   12
Required Courses in Child Care   18
CDC 101 Introduction to Early Childhood


CDC 104 Principles of Early Childhood Education 3  
CDC 105 Observation & Participation in Early Childhood Settings 2  
CDC 107 Introduction to Young Children with Special Needs 3  
CDC 109 Observation & Participation Seminar 1  
CDC 112 Child Growth and Development I 3  
CDC 208 Nutrition, Health, and Safety of Children 3  
Child Care Electives (choose two)   6
CDC 102 Creative Activities for Children 3  
CDC 103 Literacy & Literature for Young Children 3  
CDC 106 Issues in Early Childhood 1-3  
CDC 108 Infant and Toddler Development and Curriculum 3  
CDC 201 Cognitive Activities for Young Children 3  
CDC 202 Music & Movement in Early Childhood 3  
CDC 204 Management of Early Childhood Programs 3  
Total Required Hours   36

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