Degree & Certificate Detail

Degree Name: Secondary Education Transfer Program A.A.T.
Degree or Program: Education
Degree Type: Associate of Arts in Teaching Degree
Italicized courses are recommended to be taken for elective credits.
First Semester
ENG 101 English Composition I 3  
COL 101 College Success Seminar* 1  
PSY 101 Intro. to Psychology 3  
MAT 160 or 165 or higher College Algebra or Contemp. College Math 3-4  
HIS 101 or 102 U.S. History 3  
  Multicultural/Valuing 3  
  TOTAL   16-17
Second Semester
ENG 102 English Composition II 3  
EDU 210 Teaching Profession with Field Experience#+ 3  
  Teaching Field Requirement* 3  
  Natural Science Group I 3-4  
EDU 240 Educational Psychology# 3  
  TOTAL   15-16
Third Semester
SPE 101 Oral Communication 3  
  Humanities Courses 6  
  Teaching Field Requirement* 3  
EDU 211 Foundations of Education #+ 3  
  Additional General Education credit, if needed 1-2  
  TOTAL   15-17
Fourth Semester
  Humanities Course 3  
POL 101 American Government 3  
  Natural Science-Group II 3-4  
EDU 290 Portfolio Assessment in Education# 1  
EDU 220 Technology for Teachers # 3  
  TOTAL   13-14
Total Hours Required For Graduation   62
Additional Requirements to earn the AAT degree:
  • #EDU 210, 211, 220, 240 and 290 are required to earn an AAT degree.
  • Students must complete a mid-preparation portfolio, which will be done in EDU 290.
  • A "C" or better is required in any EDU course.
  • Students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.5 which includes all courses transferred to SCC as well as courses taken at SCC. (Transfer institutions may require a higher GPA.)
  • Students must achieve a minimum score of 235 on each section of the C-BASE. (Higher score may be required at transfer institution.) C-BASE test dates and review guide available in the Assessment Center, SC 133.
  • +Students enrolled in EDU 210, 211 or EDU 244 will be required on the first day of class to give permission for SCC to request a background check. Students who have been convicted of a felony will not be allowed to observe/participate in P-12 schools and must appeal to the Missouri State Board of Education before completing a Teacher Education program. For more details, click on the "Education Department" on the site index of SCC website.

*A student majoring in secondary education will need to determine the subject area he/she will teach in order to take appropriate classes for the teaching field requirements. It is extremely important that the student check with his/her transfer institution for the best choice of electives that will meet major field requirements.

*Education Electives The italicized courses are recommended elective hours for the AAT Degree. Check with your transfer college for the transferability of each course.

Suggested Electives

COL 101 Orientation to College
EDU 125 Teaching Literacy Through Storytelling
Courses in Teaching Field
EDU 250 Education of Exceptional Learners
MAT 108 Understanding K-8 Mathematics (Does not satisfy math requirement)
MAT 121 Intermediate Algebra
PSY 215 Adolescent Psychology
PSY 210 Human Growth and Development

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