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Geology Course Descriptions

PHY 105   Environmental Geology ...   3

Examination of geologic processes and hazards that influence human activities and the geologic aspects of pollution and waste-disposal.

PHY 107   Environmental Geology Laboratory ...   1

Exercises focus on environmental and social issues relevant to environmental problems and the effects of human interaction in geologic processes.

Corequisites: PHY 105-Environmental Geology.

PHY 125   Introduction to Physical Geology ...   3

Introduces a basic understanding of topics in physical geology including the unifying theory of plate tectonics, discussions of Earth materials (rocks and minerals), internal processes (volcanism, earthquakes), surface processes (surface and ground water, weathering, erosion), and geologic time.  Campus outings will be incorporated to emphasize Missouri geology.

PHY 127   Introduction to Physical Geology Laboratory ...   1

Laboratory reinforces topics discussed in Physical Geology lecture (PHY 125) by utilizing practical experimentation and observations.

Corequisites: Preceded or accompanied by PHY 125.

PHY 225   Historical Geology ...   3

Introduces an understanding of the history of Earth"s development including identification and interpretation of sediments, sedimentary rocks and rock structures, environments of deposition, major tectonic and depositional events of North America, and the evolution of life.  Campus outings will be incorporated to emphasize Missouri geology.

PHY 227   Historical Geology Laboratory ...   1

Exercises in interpreting Earth's history by examination of sediments, sedimentary rocks, geologic time, and identification and taxonomic classification of fossils.

Corequisites: PHY 225