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Course Descriptions

EGR 100   Introduction to Engineering ...   1

Introduction to the profession of engineering within the scope of overall technical occupations.  Course includes resources for major exploration (incorporating regional professional societies, guest seminars, and university transfer information).  Emphasis is placed on emerging trends in field practice (globalization, computerization, nanotechnology, renewable energy, bio engineering, and contract engineering).  Content focuses on distinguishing aspects of practice (advanced math/science application, planning, analysis, communication) critical to the profession.

EGR 104   Engineering Design ...   3

Prerequisites: MAT 121

Introduction to technical project management involving team activities with project planning, physical design with CAD, data analysis, and communication.  Planning topics covered include project scoping, scheduling, budgeting, decision analysis, and risk reduction.  Data analysis includes basic charting/ statistics, data interpretation, and measurement  science.  Communication learning involves novel methods for effectiveness both with technical and non-technical audiences.  A team project is involved necessitating significant team member interaction outside of class.  AutoCAD, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are learned and utilized. 

EGR 170   Engineering Mechanics I-Statics ...   3

Prerequisites: MAT-230, PHY-240

Application of principles of mechanics to engineering problems of equilibrium. Includes resultants, equilibrium, friction, trusses, center of gravity and moment of inertia.

Corequisites: MAT-240

EGR 210   Engineering Mechanics II-Dynamics ...   3

Prerequisites: EGR 170

Application of principles of mechanics to engineering problems of motion and acceleration. Topics include plane motion; force, mass and acceleration; work and energy; and impulse and momentum.

EGR 220   Electrical Circuits ...   3

Prerequisites: MAT 230

Application of advanced mathematics (calculus and differential equations) to the understanding of circuits and circuit elements.  Topics include network components and properties, node voltages and mesh currents, signal models, first order circuits, and second order circuits.  The final exam will be administered via the Missouri University of Science and Technology. 

EGR 221   Electrical Circuits I Laboratory ...   1

Prerequisites: MAT 230

Laboratory to accompany Electrical Circuits I.

Corequisites: EGR 220

EGR 296   Engineering Internship ...   3

Prerequisites: EGR 100, ASMNT-INS

Participatory position placement in a local engineering firm. May require specialized training. Requires reflective paper on the experience. 12 credits in A.S. Pre-Engineering Program is required.