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Course Descriptions

CPM 120   Windows Multimedia ...   3

Use of Windows operating system to present multimedia applications and theory to create kiosks, DVDs, presentations and Web pages with text, graphics, sound, video and animations. Emphasis on windows multimedia techniques such as application software integration, embedding sounds, graphics and videos, working with different file formats and resolutions, sound and video capture, and using various editing software for different multimedia applications. Computer literacy recommended.

CPM 160   Introduction to HTML ...   3

Creation of Web pages using HTML scripting covering tags, frames, tables, hypertext, graphics, sound and gif animations. Advanced topics include Cascading Style Sheets and new areas of HTML. Computer literacy recommended.

CPM 170   Computer Graphics (Adobe Illustrator) ...   3

Introduction to computer graphics software to create multimedia and presentation graphics. Emphasis on use of tools and menus to create special effects and to scale, stretch, rotate, group, and layer graphics.

CPM 190   Dynamic Programming Languages ...   3

Prerequisites: CPT 165

Introduction to tools and skills required to build and maintain WWW server sites, using a variety of languages. Online only.

CPM 200   XML ...   3

Prerequisites: CPM 160

Creation of Web pages using XML (eXtensible Markup Language) documents including Internal and External Document Type Definitions, creation of XML schemas, creating XML namespaces for use with two different schemas, and using data types to define specific attributes and elements as well as the extraction of the XML data into other programs. Online only.

CPM 210   Digital Photo Editing (Adobe Photoshop) ...   3

Edit and enhance digital photos with special techniques and tools using popular software. Prepare photos, backgrounds, and buttons for Web pages; restore old photos and create photo composites.

CPM 215   Fireworks ...   2

Use of Adobe Fireworks software aimed at Web developers with features such as: optimizing images for the Web, creating transparent backgrounds, adding hotspots, photo galleries and creating wireframes for Web pages.

CPM 220   3D Animation ...   3

Creation of 2-3 dimensional animation and its playback as part of multimedia demonstration. Concepts and tools involved in computer animation and graphics.

CPM 230/BUS 272   Social Media Marketing for the Web ...   3

Advertising method that uses social network services like e-mail, blogs, Facebook and Twitter to increase web presence.  Learn to develop and use social media to enhance search engine optimization (how search engines find your website) and engage visitors.

CPM 240   Web Design (Adobe Dreamweaver) ...   3

Introduction to Web editors and techniques used to design Web pages. Developed concepts include frames, tables, cascading style sheets, embedding java script code, and database integration. Emphasis on principles of good Web design and navigation.

CPM 250   Web Animation (Adobe Flash) ...   3

Design and integration of graphics, text, and audio sources to create animations and Web pages for the Internet. Utilization of current Web application software.

CPM 251   E-Learning Development Capstone ...   3

Prerequisites: CPM 120

Create interactive computer-based training modules for the Internet and DVDs using software designed for training. Focus is on training design techniques and testing methods (formerly CPM 230).

CPM 260   Content Management Systems (CMS) ...   3

Focus on Web-based content management systems that provide website authoring, collaboration and administration tools to create and manage website content for users with little knowledge of Web programming or markup languages.

CPM 270   Digital Video Editing (Adobe Premiere) ...   3

Hardware and software tools to capture audio, still, and full-motion video including scanners and video capture boards. Covers techniques used to edit and play captured audio/video. Discussion of data compression methods.

CPM 280   Javascript ...   3

Prerequisites: CPM 160

Writing script through use of Javascript programming language to create interactivity and animation for Web pages. Online only.

CPM 290   Topics in Multimedia ...   3

Appropriate prerequisite course(s); Instructor's permission required. Independent in-depth study on multimedia topics or software. Topics can include Advanced PhotoShop, Advanced Illustrator, cartoon and game animation using Flash, Using Lingo With Director or Authorware incorporating a series of software packages to be presented within a portfolio.