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Course Descriptions

HMS 100   Introduction to Human Services ...   3

Survey introduction to human and community needs and to concepts of helping profession. Examination of community resources, relationship of agencies and bureaucracies to total community, and worker's role and responsibility in helping profession.

HMS 101   Human Services: Theories and Skills ...   3

Overview of methodology used in helping profession. Includes analysis of helping relationships, study of interpersonal skills and practice techniques. Emphasizes process-oriented approach to solving individual, family, and community problems.

HMS 102   Human Services: Policy and Politics ...   3

Analysis of political process involved in formulation of social welfare policies from a historical point of view. Federal, state, and local programs examined in terms of skills and knowledge to effect program planning and delivery.

HMS 103   Addictive Disease Concepts ...   3

Explores addiction from historical and theoretical background to current concepts. Variety of addictive behaviors examined with special focus on psychoactive drug dependency.

HMS 104   Treatment: Alcohol and Drug Abuse ...   3

Emphasizes concept of treatment of alcohol and drug abuse as a continuum of processes from intervention through rehabilitation. Incorporation of integral parts of continuum and ways in which it addresses needs of people suffering from alcohol and drug abuse.

HMS 105   Financing Human Services ...   3

Study of finance, organization, and administration for potential human service executives. Emphasis on budget planning, budget control, techniques of fund raising through independent campaigns, community chests and united funds, sustaining memberships, capital campaigns, trust funds, publicity, and promotional techniques.

HMS 106   Introduction to Youth Services Management ...   3

Addresses needs and issues of potentially and presently employed residential treatment workers, including philosophy of residential services, observation and recording skills, problem-solving, group skills, and team approach.

HMS 111   Group Practice in Human Services ...   3

Focus on basic issues of group work in human services settings. Covers theory behind group work practice, a study of various types of groups, ethical issues, group leadership, and process of forming and working with groups.

HMS 112   Interviewing in the Helping Relationship ...   3

Provides integrated approach to basic helping skills, utilizing theories, practice, and case application. Introduction to interviewing skills for use in both professional and paraprofessional settings.

HMS 201   Human Services Practicum I ...   3

Prerequisites: HMS 100, HMS 101

Field work experience in social, educational, law enforcement (corrections), or other community service organization. Supervision by practicum site professional and college faculty member. Ten or more hours of work experience each week.

Corequisites: Concurrent enrollment in HMS 203 required.

HMS 202   Human Services Practicum II ...   3

Prerequisites: HMS 201, HMS 203

Continuation of HMS 201. Depending on student objectives, Human Services Practicum II may be in the same organization or different one. Ten or more hours of work experience each week.

Corequisites: Concurrent enrollment in HMS 204 required.

HMS 203   Human Services Practicum Seminar I ...   3

Prerequisites: HMS 100, HMS 101

Discussion and analysis in small groups of the human services practicum experience. Special learning objectives related to kind of work student will do in organization after completion of program.

Corequisites: Concurrent enrollment in HMS 201 required.

HMS 204   Human Services Practicum Seminar II ...   3

Prerequisites: HMS 201, HMS 203

Continuation of HMS 203 with different learning objectives. Related to work student will do after completion of programs.

Corequisites: Concurrent enrollment in HMS 202 is required.

HMS 205   Disability and Society ...   3

Overview of disabilities: cognitive, psychiatric and physical.  History of disability, major legislation that impacts persons with disabilities, resources in the community and how disability impacts the person and society.

HMS 290   Special Topics in Human Services ...   3

Individual study or selected classes focused on specific Human Services topics which will vary each semester and by instructor.  Students may suggest topics of interest.

HMS 298   Human Services Capstone ...   1

Culminating experience integrating Human Services Associate of Applied Science program course work.  Required for Human Services AAS degree-seeking students in the final semester before graduation.