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Course Descriptions

THE 115   Voice and Diction ...   3

Prerequisites: SPE 101

Study of the development and understanding of respiration, phonation, resonation, articulation, and diction. Credit not available for both SPE 115 and THE 115.

THE 122   Introduction to Theater ...   3

Emphasizes appreciation of theater as one of living arts. Surveys theater history and dramatic theory from Greeks to present Broadway. Includes lectures, films and discussions on the practitioners and work. Requires attendance at live theater productions.

THE 123   Introduction to Cinema ...   3

Introduction to history, theory and criticism of film. Explores American and European film traditions. Major genres, authors and artists, and directing and production styles. Viewing of numerous films representative of various genres and directing styles.

THE 124   History of Film ...   3

History of cinema from late 19th century beginnings to present. Attention given its technological, economic and artistic issues. Classic films of various directors and countries. Weekly viewings required.

THE 126   Major Themes in Film ...   3

Focus on film theme. Among possibilities 1) genre films such as gangster film, western film and musical, 2) socially significant topics such as women and minorities in film, or 3) major styles or movements in film such as Film Noir or French New Wave. Topics change annually. Viewing time required

THE 128   Fundamentals of Acting ...   3

Introduction to developing oral and physical communication through exercises, improvisation, and scene work. Theories of acting introduced. Attendance at live theater productions required.

THE 140   Stagecraft ...   3

Introduction to basic fundamentals of stagecraft in scenery, lighting, costumes, and other areas of technical theater. Emphasis on practical application, with expectation to participate in technical production of college plays.

THE 143   Tap Dance I ...   1

A beginning dance course that covers the basic tap dance techniques.  Tap dance step combinations are used to develop an understanding of coordination, rhythmic variations and performance skills.  Tap shoes are required.

THE 144   Modern Dance I ...   1

A basic movement course emphasizing beginning and essential elements of dance.  Course explores specific technique and terminology.  Emphasis is placed on expression and creativity through dance movement.

THE 145   Jazz Dance I ...   1

Using the basic elements of jazz dance, movements designed to increase range of motion, strength, endurance, agility, coordination, stability, line and spacial awareness will be emphasized.  The dance elements of time, force, space, dynamics, expression and more will be incorporated.

THE 210   Oral Interpretation ...   3

Prerequisites: SPE 101

Basic study of the principles of oral interpretation and their application performance. Credit not available for both SPE 210 and THE 210.

THE 228   Acting II ...   3

Prerequisites: THE 128

Continuation of introduction to acting class. More advanced scene work and polishing of audition techniques. Attendance at live theater production required.

THE 229   History of American Theater I ...   3

Study of American musical theater from its origins through Rodgers & Hammerstein. Students taking this course may not receive credit for MUS 113.

THE 230   History of American Musical Theater ...   3

Study of American musical theater from Rodgers and Hammerstein to the present.

THE 240   Introduction to Theater Design ...   3

Prerequisites: THE 140

Introduction to theater design in areas of scenery, lighting, and costume design. Exploration of fundamentals of design conception and communication through analysis, research, writing and project work.

THE 259   Music Theater Workshop I ...   1

Performance-oriented workshop experience that studies acting styles as applied to a song. Covers various styles and periods of musical theater.

Corequisites: MUS/THE 229

THE 260   Music Theater Workshop ...   1

Performance-oriented workshop experience that studies acting styles as applied to a song. Covers various styles and periods of musical theater.

Corequisites: THE 230/MUS 230

THE 270   Acting Practicum ...   1-3 hrs

Prerequisites: THE 128 and instructor's signature

Theories and techniques of acting and stagecraft applied in college productions.

THE 271   Stagecraft Practicum I ...   1-3 hrs

Prerequisites: THE 140 and instructor's signature

Practical application of technical theater to college productions.

THE 299   Topics in Theater ...   1-3

This course will be offered on an as needed basis to accommodate special projects.