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Course Descriptions

SOC 101   Introduction to Sociology ...   3

Examines relationship between individual and society in social structure of modern society. Introduction to way in which sociologists interpret and research human behavior. Covers patterns of social interaction and social influences on individual conduct.

SOC 102   Introduction to Sociological Theory ...   3

Examination of key figures in sociology. Introduction to history of sociology, sociologists, theoretical perspectives, and the classical and contemporary sociological theory and the application of theory to social groups, social interaction, and social institutions.

SOC 151   Gerontology I ...   3

Overview of normal effects of aging including physical, psychological, and social changes. Problems associated with aging, such as increased dependence, loss of health, financial constraints, loss of friends and spouse, and altered living arrangements. Content presented from perspective of aging person and society as a whole.

SOC 201   Contemporary Social Issues ...   3

Prerequisites: SOC 101

Study of major social problems facing human groups in modern society such as deviance, inequality, war, and overpopulation. Emphasis placed on social problems that arise as result of institutional fluctuations in economy, family, government, religion, science, and technology.

SOC 210   Sociology of Health and Healthcare ...   3

Prerequisites: SOC 101 or equivalent

Examination of the social, economic, cultural and individual factors in age related health issues. Topics include epidemiology, social structuring of age, healthcare services, policies and programs, as well as relationships between doctors and patients.

SOC 215   Marriage and the Family ...   3

Prerequisites: SOC 101

Reviews historical development of the family and patterns of intimate relationships in modern society. Analysis of institution of family in terms of relationship to other institutions in society. Specific topics include love, dating, parenting, families in crisis, and alternative lifestyles.

SOC 221   Sociology of Art ...   3

Prerequisites: SOC 101, ENG 101

Major trends in art examined in relationship to socio-historical developments. Art seen as both comment on and reflection of society. Team taught by sociology instructor and art instructor.

Corequisites: Suggested corequisite: ART 101 or ART 150.

SOC 224   Sex, Gender, and Society ...   3

Prerequisites: SOC 101

Focus on analysis of women and men in society and culture. Multiple disciplines examined as means to study social processes through which sex roles develop and are acquired. Examines individual and social consequences of sex differences and sex inequality.

SOC 241   Sociology Through Literature ...   3

Prerequisites: SOC 101, ENG 101

Application of sociological concepts to literature to analyze literature as social commentary. Variety of literary selections used to analyze socio-historical events and movements.

SOC 251   Aspects of Aging ...   3

Prerequisites: SOC 101

Focus on social variables and forces that affect the aging process. Topics include sociological theories of aging, technological and social change and effects on environment of older people, and prejudice and discrimination against elderly.

SOC 290   Readings in Sociology ...   3

Prerequisites: SOC 101, ENG 101

Focus on specific social phenomenon. Topic varies depending on semester and instructor. Students encouraged to suggest topics of interest.