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Course Descriptions

CDM 103   Introduction to CAD Systems ...   2

Uses both AutoCAD and Cadkey software to introduce CAD. Coverage includes functions of CAD drawing, its components, creating and editing drawing, input methods, basic views, basic dimensioning, and steps needed to save and retrieve completed CAD drawings. Engineering report required.

CDM 104   CAD Systems II ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 103 with a grade of "C" or better.

Extends topics covered in CDM 103 and includes advanced orthographic views, tolerancing and dimensioning. Covers sketching, sectional views, auxiliary views and basic descriptive geometry. Uses AutoCAD software.

CDM 120   Descriptive Geometry ...   2

Prerequisites: CDM 104

Analysis of basic shape descriptions using successive auxiliary views and rotations to determine true lengths, sizes and shapes, and to find solutions to problems dealing with coplanar and non-coplanar forces. Engineering report required.

CDM 205   Architectural Drafting I ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 104

General orientation, site work, floor plans, elevation drawings, structural information and dimensioning information, roof plans, schedules of fixtures and equipment.

CDM 206   Architectural Drafting II ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 205

Detail drawings, sections, stairs, foundation plans, and introduction to electrical drawings, plumbing and HVAC drawings, perspectives and renderings

CDM 207   Revit Architecture I ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 104

Introduction to use and application of Revit software. Course includes Building Information Modeling, shared user design, and sustainable/green building features.

CDM 208   Revit Architecture II ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM-207

Intermediate application of Revit software for commercial architectural design involving Building Information Modeling.  Collaboration techniques, advanced design development tools and advanced construction documents are featured.

CDM 209   Construction Materials ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 104

Use and availability of concrete, masonry, metals, wood and plastics, thermal and moisture protection, doors and windows, finishes, etc.

CDM 210   HVAC Drafting ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 104

Design of systems related to size and structure of buildings. Drawings for heating systems: forced air, hot water, radiant, and electrical. Air conditioning systems and drawings.

CDM 211   Structural Drafting ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 104

Interpretation of general plans, stress diagrams, erection diagrams and specifications. Preparation of steel details, falsework plans, foundation and masonry plans, and bills of material and bolt lists. Drawing of basic welding details.

CDM 212   Electrical/Electronic Drafting ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 104

Includes electrical symbols and fundamentals, conduit and grounding plans, lighting plans, details of electrical equipment, electronic symbols and tables, connections diagrams, schematic block and logic diagrams, instrumentation and control drawings.

CDM 221   Solid Modeling I ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 103

Introduction to parametric solid modeling using Solidworks software.

CDM 222   Solid Modeling II ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 221

Intermediate parametric solid modeling using Solidworks software.

CDM 223   Geometric Dimensioning/Tolerance ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 104

Fundamentals and techniques, general dimensioning, practices, limit dimensions, cylindrical fits, S.I. metrics, tolerances of position and form, surface texture, profile, orientation and runout.

CDM 231   Tool Path Generation ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 104

Includes short history of N/C programming, cutters, speeds and feeds, sequence of operations, tool path generation for 3-axis and multiaxis machines, tooling and machine language using Mastercam program and completion of prototypes in CNC manufacturing cell.

CDM 235   Manufacturing Processes ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 104

Focuses on processes used in manufacturing metal parts. Includes machining, stamping, extruding, swaging, grinding, casting, forging, roll forming, welding, electrical discharge machining (EDM) and threading. Finishing processes include anodizing, tempering, annealing, pickling, etc. Addresses overall process of manufacturing planning. Prerequisite waived with instructor consent.

CDM 251   Introduction to Piping Drafting ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 104

Pneumatic/ hydraulic fundamentals and codes, kinds of pipe and specifications, piping symbols, piping schematics, plans, riser diagrams, isometrics, and details of piping.

CDM 255   Civil Drafting ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM 104

Drawing and interpretation of site plans and maps, calculating drainage; and drawing structural steel details, reinforcing concrete and the piping related to site plans.

CDM 265   Sustainable Design ...   3

Prerequisites: CDM-104

Examination of sustainability and green construction design and drafting items related to residential and commercial design.  Topics will include building materials, methodologies, energy production and storage, water use and waste systems.  Course includes a review of LEED certification items.

CDM 270   Externship ...   3

Prerequisites: Approval of CAD/CAM department chair and meet externship requirements.

Practical work experience and structured occupational learning specific to CAD/CAM major. Provides educational experience not available in classroom or lab.

CDM 298   CAD/CAM Capstone ...   1

Culminating course experience for the CAD/CAM program.

Corequisites: Application for graduation