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Course Descriptions

POL 101   American Government ...   3

Basic concepts of political science with major emphasis on origin, principles, organization, and nature of American federal system and its politics. POL 101 complies with provisions of Section 170.011 RsMo.

POL 102   State and Local Government ...   3

Examines structure, functions, and operation of American state and local government within context of federalism. POL 102 complies with provisions of Section 170.011 RsMo.

POL 201   International Relations ...   3

Prerequisites: Any POL, HIS, or GEO.

Study of factors shaping relationships among nations with emphasis upon developing nations and economic, political and environmental issues.

POL 210   Comparative Politics ...   3

Prerequisites: Any POL, HIS, or GEO.

Analysis of ideologies, political cultures, and governmental structures of several different countries. Political systems of variety of nations chosen for study.

POL 220   Middle Eastern Politics ...   3

Survey of Middle Eastern countries as well as regional issues and conflicts. Explores political development of the region, including discussions of Islam, nationalism, and international intervention.

POL 255   European Politics and Cultures ...   3

Field course about European politics, history, and cultures in the context of a study tour. Explores the history of Europe and future of the European and future of the European Union through readings, films, writing assignments, and other activities. Among cultural issues, deals with the questions of what is ?Europe.? Specific course objectives outlined in learning agreement with the instructor.

POL 280   Modern Britain ...   3

An introduction to the major aspects of political/social life in modern Britain: social stratification, the British political infrastructure, and dealing with published materials on British socio-political issues.

POL 296   Political Science Internship ...   3

Prerequisites: POL 101 or POL 102, and instructor's permission.

Students placed in participatory position in government office or community organization. Requires research paper relating to some aspect of internship.

Corequisites: 2.5 GPA and sophomore standing.

POL 299   Topics in Political Science ...   3

Prerequisites: Instructor's permission.

Exploration of one topic selected by department. Introduction to research techniques and seminar approved as integral part of scholarship.