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Nelnet Deferred

Nelnet Deferred is the final step in accepting your financial aid package. Completing this step will prevent you from being dropped from your courses until SCC waits to receive your financial aid funds.

Important Information

  • Do not complete Nelnet as a potential Financial Aid recipient until you have received your Award Contract in your student portal (mySCC).
  • Your attendance must be verified before any aid is disbursed. Failing or dropping all of your classes in a single semester will result in a Return of Title Four (R2T4) calculation. An R2T4 calculation may cause you to return some or all of your aid for that semester. Any amount owed back will be deducted from the account you submitted in Nelnet when you originally enrolled in the Nelnet Deferred plan.
  • It is important that you keep your personal information up to date with Nelnet and SCC.


  1. Open "mySCCPortal." You will need to enter your User ID and Password. If you are having trouble remembering your login information you can contact the SCC Help Desk in the library or by phone at 636-922-8555.
  2. Scroll down to SCC Connection. Click on "Students" then "Financial Aid" and lastly click "Alternative Payment Plans (Nelnet)."
  3. Create your Account. Note: demographic information entered on this screen will not be updated with SCC. You need to submit Change of Information requests directly to Enrollment Services.
  4. Next you will need to select two security questions and provide answers.
  5. Under Payment activity click on the main-semester and then "Set up a payment plan." You only need to complete one Deferred payment plan per semester, even if you are enrolled in multiple mini-terms.
  6. On the Welcome screen click on "begin".
  7. Next, on the Payment Plan Options screen under monthly payments click on the circle under the "selection" column. The Deferred option will only charge you an enrollment fee If your financial aid (Pell, loans, A+ or VA Benefits) is not enough to cover your charges and you do not pay your balance prior to the payment dates listed on this screen. If you withdraw or fail to attend courses and have an outstanding balance you will be charged the $30 enrollment fee. Click on "Next" at the bottom of the screen.
  8. You will need to provide payment details (This will only be utilized if you have a balance after your Financial Aid has been disbursed. Check your student portal regularly for account information). Then click "next" at the bottom of the screen.
  9. On the Payment schedule screen, select your preferred payment date and then click "Next."
  10. Next you will need to review and accept the terms and conditions by checking the box next to the statement indicating you have read and accepted the conditions. Then click "Authorize."
  11. Finally, you will receive confirmation. A copy will be emailed to you.

Commonly Asked Questions

To accept and secure your class schedule. Once complete, if you decide not to attend SCC you will need to formally withdraw from classes before the end of the 100% refund period.

This is SCC's backup in case a student does not attend their classes or your financial aid and/or A+ is not enough to cover your costs. If a student fails to attend class, the deferred option will turn into a payment plan at a later date and you will be charged the non-refundable enrollment fee in addition to your outstanding balance.

Financial aid and/or A+ students who do not enroll in Nelnet Deferred or pay their tuition/fees in full will be dropped from classes.

Immediately. This will ensure that no holds are placed on your student account that would prevent you from registering for classes or requesting a transcript.

Your Nelnet account will be canceled once your outstanding balance has been resolved (i.e attendance verified or state funding received.)

You will need to obtain a bank account or credit card in order to be held in your classes. There are no exceptions.

If your attendance/participation cannot be verified, you are signed up for classes not covered by your award, or you have an outstanding balance towards the end of the semester, Nelnet Deferred will turn into an actual payment plan.

Not if you are enrolled in at least one 16 week course. Financial aid students that are ONLY enrolled in 8-week courses (with no 16-week courses) will need to contact the Business Office at 636.922.8361

Financial aid and/or A+ students will only be charged if they have an outstanding balance or we cannot verify their attendance.

If you are a financial aid and/or A+ student, you will need to log out and contact Financial Aid to examine your file.

Contact the Business Office, 636-922-8361, to defer your payment plan. Awards will be posted to your student account once attendance/participation has been verified. A+ funds usually arrive form the state toward the end of the semester.

Once you have completed everything on Nelnet, you will receive a confirmation page/number. Once you have received your confirmation you will be held in all of your classes. You can print your confirmation page for your own records.