443 Fundraising for Student Clubs, Organizations, and Athletic Teams

P-443.1 Recognized student clubs, organizations, and athletic teams may conduct fundraising activities at the College.
D-443.1.1 Fundraising is defined as sales, solicitations, or promotions for any event or project designed to raise money including any activity for which an admission is charged or for which donations are received. Funds derived from the fundraising activities may be used for charity, training, scholarships, educational, or social events of the organization/team. College funds, being those monies provided by the College (i.e., student activities funds or athletic budget), may not be donated to charitable, political, or religious organizations.
Pr-443.1.1 All club, organization, and athletic team fundraising activities are to be approved by the Student Activities Coordinator or Athletic Director. The Student Organization Fundraising Approval form must be completed two weeks before an event in order to gain approval. When student clubs, organizations, and athletic teams enter into collaborative projects with College departments or other groups with the purpose of accepting gifts or donations or for fundraising, they must contact the Foundation Office for approval.
Pr-443.1.2 With regard to student solicitations of community vendors, students must provide a listing of all solicitation contacts made and provide a list of gifts received to the Student Activities Coordinator/Athletic Director. This list will include: date of donation, name of donor, company name, address of donor, item, quantity, and total estimated value. The Student Activities Coordinator/Athletic Director will supply the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and the Associate Vice President for Foundation and Alumni Relations with a consolidated listing on a semi-annual basis for the purpose of donor recognition.
Pr-443.1.3 All non-college sponsors of events/activities must be approved through the Foundation Office. A sponsor is a major corporation, business, or individual solicited by a club or athletic team to underwrite an event and in return the sponsor's name/logo is used on event publicity (i.e., advertising or programs). The Foundation Office will assess if any portion of sponsorship is tax deductible. A sketch of the design for all publicity materials must be approved, prior to printing, by the Student Activities Coordinator/Athletic Director, and the Marketing and Communications Office.
Pr-443.1.4 Funds derived from the fundraising activities should be used for charity, training, scholarship, educational, or social events of the organization/team.
Pr-443.1.5 Recognized student organizations that violate provisions of the fundraising procedures risk loss of privileges associated with College recognition, up to and including suspension of recognition. The Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs may impose these penalties.
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