811 Secure Data Deletion Computer Preparation for Disposal/Transfer

811 Secure Data Deletion Computer Preparation for Disposal/Transfer

Pr-811 The department or individual directly responsible for restricted data on a college computer or other electronic device is required to ensure that any restricted information on that device is securely removed before sale or transfer. Examples of such sales and transfers are: transfer to another department; public sale; donation; or scrapping. Such computers must be electronically cleared using a secure data deletion program or the physical media must be destroyed. Tapes, CDs, cartridges and other storage and backup media containing non-public information must also be securely deleted or destroyed before disposal or transfer.

Since it is possible that even systems not perceived as containing important information can have remnants from previous activity, it is recommended that all systems and media being transferred to another department or another type of use be electronically cleared. IT staff will provide assistance.

In addition to the departmental staff who are responsible for non-public data on electronic systems, staff involved in any transfers of equipment through sales, recycling, donations, or scrapping must be certain that data and licensed software has been removed.

In advance of destruction of records refer to Board Policy 586.0 – Document Retention and Destruction.

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