447 Drug Screening - Required for Designated Sites

447 Drug Screening - Required for Designated Sites

P-447.0 Background and Purpose

The College has adopted this policy in response to the requirement mandated by designated institutions.

As a condition of participation, these institutions require the College to certify that all persons participating in the educational programs at their site have submitted to and passed an initial screening for illegally-used drugs.

All individuals who through admission and enrollment or through employment are required to participate in educational activities at such designated sites must consent to the Initial Drug Screening Program and must successfully pass the screening. Individuals who do not consent to the Initial Drug Screening Program, or who do not successfully pass the screening, cannot remain a student in or be employed in the selected program.

The Initial Drug Screening Program does not affect any other College policies or practices of the College in dealing with drug or alcohol possession or use, including the College’s drug-free workplace program, or any instance in which reasonable suspicion is obtained by means other than the initial screening discussed in this policy.

Pr-447.0.1 Consent

Before any person can participate at such designated sites, the individual must consent to participation in the Initial Drug Screening Program. The individual must complete and sign the consent form, indicating that he or she understands the policies and procedures involved, and agrees to participate. Only after providing the College with the completed, signed consent form will the individual be allowed to participate in the activity. Any individual who fails to sign the Drug Screening Participation and Consent Form will not be allowed to participate in the educational activity at the designated sites.

The drug testing program for students and all related recordkeeping will be coordinated by the Math, Science, and Health division office; records will be maintained in a secure Health Record file cabinet.

The drug testing program for employees and all related recordkeeping will be coordinated by the Human Resources department; records will be maintained in 
a secure Health Record file cabinet separate from the employee files.

Pr-447.0.2 Privacy and Confidentiality

All persons participating in educational activities at the designated sites will be screened prior to their participation in the program. The testing method will be urinalysis. Appropriate steps will be taken to respect the privacy of the participants in accordance with state and federal law, while also preventing the falsification of testing. However, drug testing results will be shared between the Collection Site Clinic, testing laboratory, College officials, and the participant, as provided herein.

All files regarding the initial drug screening program will be kept separate from the student’s school file and, in the case of an employee, the employee’s personnel file. The screening results shall not be made known to any other College officials other than the program Chair, Human Resources designee, and to the extent necessary, administrators within the program or department. Any negligent or intentional disclosure of test results by any College official may be grounds for disciplinary action. Furthermore, if an individual tests positive, the College will not use or reveal a positive test result as a reason to search the individual’s locker, purse, backpack, or any similar area in which the student or employee keeps his or her personal effects. Test results will not be turned over to the police or other law enforcement authorities without a court order and the College administration will not disclose test results for purposes of criminal investigation, without a court order.

Pr-447.0.3 Administration of Drug Screening

The College will contract with an outside agency or organization, to serve as a collection site for the collection of urine samples for laboratory drug testing. The College will use a collection site with procedures for personnel to maintain a clear and well-documented process for collection, shipment, accessing, and testing of urine samples. The College will use a collection site with procedures for their personnel to follow regarding the collection of urine samples, including aural and visual privacy for the person giving the sample. Appropriate steps will be taken to respect the privacy of participants while, at the same time, preventing the falsification of testing. 

The collection site personnel will be required to split the sample into two bottles (the primary specimen and the split specimen). Following proper completion of all necessary custody and control forms, the collection site personnel will seal and ship or deliver both samples to a laboratory, certified by the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA) for analysis. 

The specimens will then be delivered to a NIDA-certified laboratory to perform the required drug analysis. If the primary specimen tests negative for drugs, the laboratory will dispose of the split specimen. If the laboratory confirms that the primary specimen tests positive, the laboratory will retain the split specimen to ensure that it remains available for testing. If the first test is positive, the second test will be done immediately to verify results. If the second test is negative, no further action will be taken. If the second test is positive, a Medical Review Officer from the Collection Site Clinic will contact the participant for additional information as needed. The College will be notified of the test result.

Pr-447.0.4 Disclosure of Other Medications

Drug tests may have the possibility of producing a “false positive.” This means that if the participant is taking any over-the-counter or prescription medications, the test may produce a positive reading. Consequently, the individual submitting to testing must disclose to the Medical Review Officer upon request, information regarding any over-the-counter or prescription medications used. Individuals who fail to provide the verification of medication and test positive will be subject to the consequences specified for positive test results, for refusing to submit to a test, or for falsifying the test.

Pr-447.0.5 Consequences of Failed Screening

If after testing and verification, an individual fails to satisfactorily pass the drug screening, the individual will not be allowed to participate. Students failing to pass the drug screen will not be able to continue in the educational program. Employees who fail to pass the drug screen will not be able to continue to be employed in the educational program. In addition, any person who refuses to submit to a drug test, or who interferes with the test, will be considered to have failed the screening. Drug counseling and assistance programs will be urged by the College for any individual who fails to satisfactorily pass the drug screening under this policy. The College will provide assistance in obtaining help for the individual, if requested. The College will not be responsible for the costs of any counseling or subsequent treatment. The College shall pay for any testing of employees under this program which is undertaken at its request.

Pr-447.0.6 Drug Screening will be completed to test for the presence of the following:

• Amphetamines
• Barbiturates
• Benzodiazepines
• Cocaine metabolites
• Marijuana metabolites
• Methadone
• Methaqualone
• Opiates
• Phencyclidine
• Propoxyphene

Pr-447.0.7 The following other substances are screened in the drug screen process:

• pH
• Creatinine
• Nitrites

D-447.0.1 Designated Sites

Human Resources maintains a listing of the work sites and clinical education sites within the surrounding community who mandate that we complete drug screening in advance of allowing participation in activities at their sites.

Pr-447.0.8 Participation and Consent Form

St. Charles Community College
Initial Drug Screening Program
(for participation in certain off-campus activities)

I have read and understand the St. Charles Community College (“The College”) policy regarding the initial drug screening for participation in educational activities at designated sites, and I agree to participate in the drug screening program in exchange for the opportunity to participate.

I understand that the College will have an authorized lab screen for the presence of illegally-used substances or drugs. I also understand that I will be responsible for disclosing any over-the-counter or prescription medications taken prior to the screening.

I understand that my signature below authorizes the College to obtain the results of my urinalysis prior to me beginning the designated off-campus activities. I understand that should the presence of any illegally-used substance be detected and confirmed, I will not be allowed to participate in the off-campus educational experiences which means: as a student, I will not be able to continue in the educational program; or as an employee, I will not be able to be employed in the educational program. I also understand that should I refuse to be tested in accordance with the above policy or if I interfere with the test, I will be deemed to have failed the drug screening.

I also consent to the release of the test results to a designated College official, and agree to hold the College harmless from any such releases provided for by this policy. Finally, I also understand that currently available drug tests are not 100% reliable, and that false-positives may result. I agree to hold the College harmless for any such result.

Signed: _________________________________________

 Student            Employee

Printed Name: ____________________________________

Dated: __________________________________________


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