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At SCC, we value DIVERSITY in all forms!

We are individuals, and we are part of a greater collective of people learning and working together. When we value one another's uniqueness, we gain a broader view of the world.

Our role, as educators and education support professionals is to assure that you, our student, are well positioned for success in a diverse, global world. That means learning to discuss even debate differences of position, while maintaining a culture of mutual respect.

We trust that you will seek to make the most of your time here at SCC to reach out to new people who may be different than you. It is when we learn more about one another that we grow as an individual.

There exists an inextricable link between diversity, equity, and educational excellence. Diversity in education equalizes opportunity, educates all sectors of society, and enriches the educational experiences of all students by introducing differing perspectives, cultures, and ideas. Insights gained from these perspectives are central to higher education.
~ Mary Sue Coleman, president of the Association of American Universities



We are all different, unique individuals


We may not all have the same opportunities or resources from which to move forward, so some may need different consideration than others


YOU BELONG, and your individual voice is needed and valued



We all have come from somewhere...

Whether you are the first generation, 17th generation, a new American or immigrant, most of us have come from another cultural background or country. That's the nature, beauty and wonder of The United States of America!

We are a mix of cultures, races and ethnicities. And as such, we get to enjoy a diversity of traditions, customs, beliefs, food/music, and values. That is our heritage, and it is our challenge. You have a choice as to how you wish to continue your journey in learning more about people who may have a different background from your own, and sharing more about yourself, so others gain a greater understanding.


Thank you to the faculty members, librarians and colleagues who shared some of the following resources: